Illegal To Criticize Politicians In Germany

Criticism of politicians in Germany is prohibited as “hate speech.”

1:27 AM · Mar 22, 2022

They had the same law in 1934.

“Nazi decree which makes it a !time to criticize Hitler”

10 Aug 1934, 9 – Chicago Tribune at

31 Jul 1934, 16 – The Province at

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11 Responses to Illegal To Criticize Politicians In Germany

  1. Eli the pit bull says:

    Meanwhile Biden has a plan
    Less than 2 weeks to slow the inflation😵‍💫

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      And that will have to be put back at very high oil prices.
      That ‘reserve’ is for the MILITARY and needed govt entity’s in the event of WAR!

    • Robertvd says:

      As long as you have a (not) Federal Reserve printing( inflating) dollars as if there is no tomorrow slowing the inflation will be impossible. Big Government will always need inflation.(killing everyone’s savings in the process)

  2. arn says:

    The only reason why the terms hatecrime/hatespeech were created was to protect the elites,their narratives and their political puppets.

    And now they use,just like in climate science, an off the mill event(what the ukraine war is,from an american perspective& their european co aggressors)
    to install their fascist rules
    as there is a lot of to protect.
    Global Warming,Ukraine Nazis,viruses,madatory vaccines,vaccine passports& global ID,the subversion of law,order and education system.braindead geezers who pretend to be president
    and all the ‘funny’ and pedo, queer & green new deal stuff americans are already terrorized with.

  3. Guy Warren says:

    Mark Sharman is a former senior Exec from ITV and Sky News. He was interviewed and said that the UK Government used OFCOM, the regulator to tell all media in the UK not to cover any anti-government stories. Big Brother and the Ministry of Truth are here now in ‘democratic’ countries.

  4. Timo, not that one says:

    We have that in Canada now too.
    Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Randy Hillier, a champion of freedom in Canada, and long time critic of covid policy, has turned himself in to police for supporting the peaceful, bouncy castle, truckers. He is a popular, democratically elected representative, not just some dirty, lowlife civilian.
    And people here fear Putney, instead of C@stro.

  5. Bob Hoye says:

    Recently under Canada’s new version of the “War Measures Act” if your political views are “unacceptable” to Trudeau your bank account was frozen.

  6. Ed says:

    But TRUMP is a fascist! Madeleine Albright said so!

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