Mainstream Media Motives


Mainstream Media Motives

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  1. rah says:

    I found that perfect not only because it is true but because it uses taking words out of context which is one of the favorite tactics of every one of those Bozo’s shown.

    As I drive the big truck I listen to audio books. I have been listening to U.S. Grant’s extensive memoirs of the Civil War. So extensive that on YouTube’s free audiobooks it is broken down into 4 sections.

    In fact I am now listening to it a second time because after the first I realized I needed to brush up on my Civil War era maps of places and topography to get the most out of it.

    Several times Grant writes of how damaging the press of the North was to the war effort. And how the Confederacy took total control of their press to only print news or views which their government desired. Each side got the newspapers from the other side quickly and regularly. Often, as a Lt. General, Grant was reading Richmond papers only a day or two days old.

    Even as Confederate Generals Floyd and Pillow were getting ready to escape Ft. Donelson, because they knew their cause was lost, after an attempt to have the garrison fight it’s way out, Confederate papers were reporting a great victory under their leadership.

    Shiloh was reported as a victory for the south in the Confederate press and even some papers in the Union reported it as such.

    During Sherman’s march to the sea, the Confederate papers reported that Sherman’s army was starving and trapped and ultimately doomed, and some Northern papers were reporting the same. In fact that story carried so much weight that Lincoln wrote Grant asking him if Sherman’s Army was OK. And then based on Grant’s reply made a public statement that all was well with Sherman.

    The day before the Confederate defenses at Petersburg collapsed after the defeat of their defenses on the White Oak road, the Richmond press was reporting a great victory for Lee.

  2. Joan Liut says:

    Our MSM is a propaganda machine for the leftist establishment.

  3. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    As you are interested in the history and the past, that video reminded me the lecture below. Anthony Sutton was a professor in the UC system who then went on to Stanford and the Hoover Institution:

    Antony Sutton – 1976 Lecture Full Length

    “What do we want them to know and is it consistent with what we told them last time?” Much of what you do at RCS is pointing out the inconsistencies that make the statements “inoperable”. (lol

    And if you liked that lecture, here is an interview of Sutton:

    I find it amazing how in 1976 Sutton predicted that environmental movements would be created to drive policy and that “internal passports” would be introduced.

  4. arn says:

    The context of this clip is the very definition of terrorism,
    though it’s a non physical version.

  5. toorightmate says:

    Good to see/hear some news which is NOT fake.
    A rarity these days.
    It appears that the more “fact checking” which is done, the greater the scam.

  6. Guilherme says:

    German minister bowed to Qatar!

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