More Lies From The Ukrainian Government And The Western Press

The legend of Ukraine’s Snake Island soldier deaths: Actually, Russia told the truth | Sharyl Attkisson

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7 Responses to More Lies From The Ukrainian Government And The Western Press

  1. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    The western press, or shall I say Twitter is cancelling people (making their comment disappear) when they mention Foo Fighter drummer had just received a Covid booster shot so he could perform in Bogota Columbia. He reported chest pains but brushed it off before dying unexpectedly in his hotel room

    • oldedude says:

      I just commented on this story (incident to another of the articles here) cautioning folk from assuming any vaccine related cause for Mr. Hawkins’ death in the absence of precisely the kind of information you allude to, tho’, frankly, my “gut” tells me that this unfortunate death probably IS vaccine related, simply because the coverage of his death in the mainstream press is absolutely and utterly silent on the issue (*). It’s like reading about political corruption – if the story doesn’t mention party affiliation, you can bet the crook is a Democrat. SO, what’s the source of your info about this “booster shot” and Hawkins’ reaction to it? Nothing I’d like better than to “flesh out” the story with a few more relevant facts…

      [* And while we’re at it, what could have possibly made poor Bob Saget so dizzy and/or disoriented that he went bouncing around his hotel room hitting his head repeatedly, causing all types of traumatic brain bleeds? And is it maybe possible that all those subdural hematomas and “brain bleeds” were NOT (the popular assumption) the result of his hitting his head but rather are what caused him to get dizzy and fall, hitting his head. After all, spontaneous brain bleeds were one of the more common side effects, esp. early on, of ALL 3 of the most popular vaccines. Did Mr. Saget precede his appearances in San Fran with a “jab” to satisfy the City Fathers of that vaccine committed burg?]

  2. dearieme says:

    “Lies From The Ukrainian Government”: yeah, and from the Russian, US, UK, and EU governments too. I don’t trust any of them.

    With one exception: I think I can believe what’s not claimed. So if nobody claims that Kiev has fallen I am prepared to believe it has not fallen.

  3. arn says:

    The oh so independent globalist lackey government of “ukraine”
    has started an app called Diia(those things are always voluntary before they become mandatory after the first 2 weeks of lockdown)

    The app is for storing digital ID’s ,drivers license,vaccine passports and for some time
    war payments(UBI?) .
    The app was introduced by some magic coincidence at the time of the start of the plandemic
    and permanently escalated
    so that Ukraine has become the first country where digital documents are on the same level as physical ones.
    Yeah,a cocain addict president of a piss poor country who made himself a billionaire by exploiting it,is so worried to help his people with such stuff,
    and is not using the country as guinea pig for the WEF.

    I wonder what the name of Bidens DiiA will be.

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