“Stay In Your Lane”

One year ago the guy who runs gasbuddy.com told me high oil prices had nothing to do with Biden and that I should “stay in my lane.” I asked him :

“At what price are you going to change your mind? $3 $4? $5?”

Last Christmas he predicted gas prices would increase to $3.41 in 2022.

Gasbuddy Predicts Drivers Could Be Paying $4 For Gas By Memorial Day – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

After nine years of decline, gas prices are about to reach a record $4 per gallon in the US.

Gas Station Price Charts – Local & National Historical Average Trends – GasBuddy.com

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12 Responses to “Stay In Your Lane”

  1. Alan Wohlford says:

    Here is an interesting article about the pause in global warning. Well worth the read.

  2. TimC says:

    I’ve been hearing this same argument from Biden apologists all over the news media: Don’t blame high pump prices, or inflation in general, on poor old Joe, because he was only inaugurated in January 2021. For example,


    What they conveniently ignore is the war on fossil fuel production that poor old Joe and his party have been waging for decades. Since energy costs are a significant component of almost everything, it is entirely appropriate for voters to blame rising prices of gasoline and everything else on Biden.

  3. Solar Mutant Ninjaneer says:

    Tony, as far as I am concerned you can get in any lane you want.

    Now that journalism has been totally corrupted by becoming “advocates” for paid agendas, the only hope of understanding reality is by hearing independent points of view. (Dr. Robert Malone has an excellent discussion of what has happened to modern journalism. https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/advocacy-journalism-is-propaganda?s=r) There are always at least two sides of every story. You have demonstrated, at least to me, that you possess the ability to think critically and have a willingness to explore alternative explanations, especially when the mainstream media narrative doesn’t make sense. Keep it up!

    • arn says:

      Nice stuff by mr Malone,
      but when he mentions Randolph Hearst and Citizen Kane in a comment,he should have talked about the fact that this was one of the early hit pieces of corporate cancel culture.

      After Hearst realized that Citizen Kane was about him his news empire + friends started a permanent campaign against this movie before it was even released.
      The movie bombed and damaged Orson Welles carreer significantly.
      And though the movie was lightyears ahead of standard Hollywood productions in all disciplines it only got one Oscar and wells was shouted down by the Hollywood Stars when he received the prize
      (So all the Trump is Hitler strategies exist 80 years ago and Hollywood Stars being willing buttkissers of billionaires and MSM already a thing )

      • Conrad Ziefle says:

        Which shows that anyone who pays any attention to Hollywood Sheeple lacks ability to think or even the responsiveness of a ganglion.

  4. Conrad Ziefle says:

    GasBuddy says you have no idea. Well, if he makes as many assumptions about the supply and demand of gas as he makes about your knowledge, of which he knows nothing, then there you go. Who would depend on GassyButt for their fuel forecasts? If you really want to know, ask the head of product at a major oil company, or the person responsible for purchasing fuel at a major airline; even a minor one in either case. They are likely to have a very clear understanding of how much a dip in supply will change the price that people will to pay. Apparently, GassyButt has a long way to go, and his pompous declarations about his knowledge don’t hold up where the rubber meets the road.

  5. rah says:

    Hey, you should see the price on the pump when I put 200 gallons of #2 Diesel in the big truck. More than some peoples mortgage payments.

  6. GreyGeek says:

    Gasbuddy is showing price of gas at the station I use as being $3.28/gal. I filled up three days ago and paid $3.999/gal, i.e., $4/gal. It shows gas as being $3.24 to $3.28 all over Lincoln, NE. De Haan doesn’t seem to realize that when his web app does not show actual prices people see at the pumps they won’t use his webpage or app, and the ads on his sites won’t draw customers to the businesses placing the ads. I tried to edit the price shown for the station I was using and it wouldn’t accept the price on the pump.

    Not to worry, though. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that De Haan is getting money from Biden to advertise those deliberately low prices to make it look like his policy of cutting off our supply of fossil fuel isn’t having any effect at the pumps.

  7. Here in Commie Cal gas prices have risen from a low of $2.35/gallon in March 2020 (when everyone stayed home to avoid the fake pandemic) to an average of $5.45 – $5.95 around the Los Angeles area this week. In just the last two weeks the price has risen by close to a buck!

    The best part of this fiasco is the small pictures of Biden posted on the gas pump pointing at the price with the words “I did that.”

    Yes he did.

    Let’s go Brandon!!

  8. Dave N says:

    Looks like Brandon has zero clue about the mechanics, since he’s failing to stop the price rising.

  9. Steve says:

    Even if Biden is not at fault, he has no desire to help fix it. Secretly, climate fakers are thrilled.

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