The Importance Of Thinking

The press is bombarding the west with this sort of propaganda which is being dutifully parroted by the left and the right.


Why would Russia, which is downwind from the Ukraine, want to release nuclear contaminants into the atmosphere? My first wife (who was Russian) was exposed to the nuclear plume from Chernobyl. It was a nightmare for Russia caused directly by the incompetence of the communists who were in charge.  The press and western governments are attacking the public with non-stop propaganda – almost none of which makes any sense.

This version makes sense. Ukraine is desperate to expand the war.

Ukrainian nationalists attempted to cut power to Chernobyl, Russia claims — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

The press wants people to believe that climate realists, Republicans, Trump supporters, Christians, white men, oil companies …. Russians, etc., etc. are sub-human monsters.  The reality is the monsters are the people generating the propaganda.

During WWII the propaganda was targeted at Japanese, and the press claimed to have learned their lesson and become enlightened.  Yet they are doing the same thing now – only with Russians.

Japanese American Life During Internment (U.S. National Park Service)

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3 Responses to The Importance Of Thinking

  1. Heretic Jones says:

    From the post:

    “The reality is the monsters are the people generating the propaganda.”

    You will not find a more timely and correct statement. Who are the people, behind the curtain, generating the propaganda? Let’s name them.

    Start the investigation by looking into ownership of all mainstream news outlets and all 8 major hollywood studios. Then, look into all large market print publications. Then turn your investigation to social media platforms and medium market sites.

    Ask yourself, if the presentation of information were controlled by a single ethnic group who has proclaimed repeatedly and overtly that their goal is the cultural genocide of all who are not part of that ethnic group, would you be concerned?

  2. Anon says:

    The Russian language media sources confirm that the power plant was hooked up to the Belarussian grid, as the Ukrainian grid was too vulnerable to attack and sabotage. Furthermore, they report that 500 Belarussian technicians are at the Chernobyl site and that the back-up diesel generators are working and ready to kick-in in case of a disruption and have a 48 hour supply of fuel on site, which gives them plenty of time to fix another outage, or, if necessary, to bring in more diesel to keep the back-up generators running for as long as it takes to fix the problem. This makes complete sense as Chernobyl is right next to Belarus, thus they want to avoid an accident .

  3. arn says:

    It’s always the same side that’s responsible for the underhanded attack.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some western experts are right now working superhard on a cyberattack ,as the Russians now know about the physical attacks,
    and then later claim poetic justice or blame Putin ( what they already tried with this one)
    But i wouldn’t blame Zelensky,
    this is not the handwriting of an underhanded soft feminist buttkisser Treudeau style but full scale psychopathy from someone like kolomoyski who live thousand miles away and don’t need to care about fallout ( the nazi goons wouldn’t figure out on their own where and what to attack and are too well aware of the tschernobyl catastrophe)

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