Banana Republic USA

A special counsel was appointed to investigate President Trump without one shred of evidence he had done anything wrong. By contrast there is overwhelming evidence of corruption involving Joe Biden relating to Ukraine and China – and the press and Department of Justice are silent. Biden bragged about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating him fired. Then President Trump was impeached for investigating Biden’s corruption.

Meanwhile Biden is leading the world towards WWIII in Ukraine, a country where he is severely compromised and most likely being blackmailed.

Garland Stonewalls Questions about a Special Counsel in Hunter Biden Scandal Despite New Evidence Tied to President Biden – JONATHAN TURLEY

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3 Responses to Banana Republic USA

  1. GWS says:

    A few million? Hey, people exaggerate to make themselves sound important; besides that’s peanuts today, and it was long, long ago. In today’s global business world these arrangements are common and accepted, and perfectly legal in most countries. You need to keep up. Nothing is going to become of it anyway. So, relax. Here’s a cigar and some brandy. Let’s talk about that raise you’re due for.

  2. arn says:

    Iirc banana republics were a product of the deep state that turned latin countries into Wall Street colonies by sending thousands of mercenaries,criminal prisoners to countries like Honduras(4!!! US interventions in 12 years) to replace the government with puppet leaders or by waging 4 decades of war(officially sold as civil war) against Guatemalas population that killed 100000 people for the sake of UFC-
    sunshine state protoUkraines(3 US interventions in 18 years) so to say.

    Therefore it is no surprise that at one point,after achieving the necessary power ,the same people eventually started to use this strategy against their host country.

  3. BobD says:

    Years ago a libertarian friend of mine and I looked up a textbook definition and characteristics of a “Banana Republic”. We then compared these to the United States and determined it was a very good fit. Except, we wondered, where were the bananas? One dominant export item maintaining the corrupt system. Bingo. There actually is one! The US Dollar.

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