Michael Mann Trying To Extort Half a Trillion Dollars

Michael Mann is using his junk science to try and extort half a trillion dollars from large corporations. “Nice little climate you’ve got there.  We wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to it

CEOs Must Act Now in Supporting $555B in Climate Investments – Go Time for Climate

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11 Responses to Michael Mann Trying To Extort Half a Trillion Dollars

  1. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    How much has big Pharma extorted from global government?
    Vaccine injury update

    • GreyGeek says:

      Here are the reasons for the withdrawal of four vaccines:
      ” Unacceptable levels of vaccine-mediated toxicity led to the withdrawal of the remaining four vaccines: a Rubeola (measles) virus vaccine approved in 1960; a poliovrus vaccine introduced in 1961, the Lyme disease vaccine (LYMErix) approved in 1998; and a rotavirus vaccine also approved in 1998.”

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    New study out confirms what I’ve suspected the whole time about the Covid vaccine

    • GreyGeek says:

      That article describes a process it calls “Innate Immune Suppression”.
      I’ve known it by another term: “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome”, or AIDS, which triggers the “fact” checkers to immediately jump to HIV and claim the mRNA shot doesn’t cause “AIDS”. Pure misdirection, and they know it. From the article:
      “Since long-term pre-clinical and Phase I safety trials were combined with Phase II trials, then phase II and III trials were combined (Kwok, 2021); and since even those were terminated early and placebo arms given the injections, we look to the pharmacosurveillance system and published reports for safety signals. In doing so, we find that that evidence is not encouraging. The biological response to mRNA vaccination as it is currently employed is demonstrably not similar to natural infection. In this paper we will illustrate those differences, and we will describe the immunological and pathological processes we expect are being initiated by mRNA vaccination. We will connect these underlying physiological effects with both realized and yet-to-be-observed morbidities. We anticipate that implementation of booster vaccinations on a wide scale will amplify all of these problems.”

      In times past the FDA took a vaccine off the market after it was found to cause a single death. The mRNA vaccines have killed at least 27,000 deaths, and who knows how many the Pfizer, the CDC and the FDA are covering up?

      As more and more formerly healthy people, both young and old, and in the prime of their lives, many of them athletes without any previous morbidities, suddenly die, or acquire life long crippling heart, lung and circulatory medical problems, people will began to connect the dots. Already people are beginning to see through the lies by big pharma and the WOKE federal “health” agencies and their rage won’t stop with big pharma. In six months, if Musk keeps his word, Twitter will see a flood of stories of victims of the mRNA vaccines, and folks with inside information will find the courage to step forward and point fingers at the culprits.

      The only question is: how many MORE will die before that milestone is reached?

      • Disillusioned says:

        Excellent post, GG.

        Thanks to Alex Azar and the PREP Act, the toxiceutical corporations have immunity. “The federal government has granted companies like Pfizer and Moderna immunity from liability if something unintentionally goes wrong with their vaccines.” And, “You also can’t sue the Food and Drug Administration for authorizing a vaccine for emergency use.” https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/16/covid-vaccine-side-effects-compensation-lawsuit.html Their bases are covered.

        There is one exception: Willful Misconduct. “Injured persons must prove willful misconduct by clear and convincing evidence” on the part of the toxiceutical company.

        One better believe Big Poison have their lawyers and a plan of defense already rehearsed and ready.

  3. The golden rule has become cliche : just follow the money.

    • Richard says:

      since the first coin was struck 4000 years ago its Always been about $$ and Power – Were not greedy its always the other guy

  4. Allan Shelton says:

    Some sources say that Twitter will be facing heavy fines if the left-wing government “fact checkers” declare certain items as “disinformation”.

  5. Sean Galbally says:

    Michael Mann is very well known for doctoring data. I am certain he doesn’t play hockey. Maybe that is why he changed the data so that the curve really does look like a hockey stick! I

    • Stuart Hamish says:

      Hockey is a refereed sport played by rules … In the aftermath of the Climategate email controversy the ‘referees’ to their eternal shame , exonerated the key players despite clear evidence of collusion , censoriousness , fixing and fraud .Remember Sean that Mann et al’s Hockeystick features a high resolution instrumental temperature series starting in the mid nineteenth century [ when only the United States , Europe and a smattering of countries worldwide had quality temperature data ] superimposed onto a series of lower resolution , millennial timescale temperature proxy reconstructions for the northern hemisphere. The chart is not a global temperature chronology. It is a northern hemisphere graph that only extends to the Middle Ages completely expunging the Roman Minoan and Holocene climatic optimums . John McClean further highlighted the mess when his PhD thesis audit of the Hadcrut data [ used to formulate the instrumental record ] uncovered a whole raft of errors and unbelievable howlers …Anyone who cares to research the Greenland temperature reconstructions [ Just google Andy May’s blog ] can see the Mann et al Hockeystick is not scientifically sound

  6. Fringe 99.8% Survivor says:

    The dude is from Penn State. Doesn’t Biden have a School of Marxist Corruption named after him there as well?

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