Endless Winter

We have three big snowstorms headed to Wyoming during the first week of May. Our daffodils were killed by 4F temperatures last week.

gfs_asnow_us_41.png (1019×678)

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9 Responses to Endless Winter

  1. dearieme says:

    Dead daffs disaster doomsday!

    We’ve had some lovely Spring weather in Cambridgeshire; we are bringing in herbs from the kitchen garden, especially rocket (your arugula) which grows like a weed for us.

    But it’s been awfully dry. Our water is metered: the cost of this year’s strawberries may be high. (Last year we hardly had to water the strawberries which was just as well as Mr Fox scoffed the lot. We now have two sonic gizmos to keep him away. He ate the neighbour’s chickens too. Whether he was acting on behalf of the EU or Mr Putin isn’t clear.)

    What we don’t want is our heavy clay soil cracking and damaging the house.

    Weather, eh? It goes up, it goes down.

    • rah says:

      Crocus crusher, Tulip terminator, Daffodil destroyer………..

    • rah says:

      A single or double wired solar powered electric fence seems in order. Worked for me protecting my garden from the critters years ago.

      • Michael Peinsipp says:

        2 lines – 1 line at 8: and 1 line at 2′.
        One nose zap and puppy runs away.
        Now if puppy jumps over ( Fox are smart) than BOOOM takes care of two problems – Fox in the henhouse and a damn nice fur!!! (NOTE: if Puppy is a she do NOT kill her)
        OHHHH and meat on the table…don’t knock it until you try it folks!

    • Vegieman says:

      Weather here, climate there.

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Just a reminder that climate change is the biggest scam in scientific history.
    But that’s ok because the Biden ministry of truth is here to censor us.

  3. FedZilla says:

    And the delusional Boulder Daily Camera had a front page story yesterday (4/28) about the “driest April on record”. It’s so full of pro-climate-change propaganda that it may even make Michael Mann blush! Yikes…

  4. roaddog says:

    The warming continues…snow forecast for Cheyenne on Monday.

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