One Of The Pillars Of The IPCC

3:25 AM · Apr 29, 2022 from Brussels, Belgium

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11 Responses to One Of The Pillars Of The IPCC

  1. Gamecock says:

    ‘I discovered he’s also an ally for academia free of gender-based violence’

    Who knew that was a thing?

  2. GeologyJim says:

    Yeah, ME Mann strictly practices “gender-neutral” mendacity

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I’m also full of esoteric catchphrases that only the chosen can fathom. Don’t look at me that way or I’ll scream gender based violence.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      Lookin at ya dude!
      But seriously…when you meet these people laff at them and make them feel STOOPIDER than they are now.
      They deserve every bit of heckling and laffing we can throw at them.

  4. ganderson says:

    no gender based violence ok though?

  5. toorightmate says:

    What gender is he?
    He is not a man’s Mann.

  6. spren says:

    On whose fraudulent dime is this clown traveling to Belgium to drink champaign and yuck it up with the faithful? Doesn’t he have group-thinking zombies at Penn State to indoctrinate? Maybe he no longer has to teach any classes and just gets paid his exorbitant salary for doing nothing. What a freaking fraud.

  7. GreyGeek says:

    “free of gender-based violence”?
    Since there only two genders, violence can only be gender based. One or the other, or both, have to engage in violence for violence to occur. (Yes, I am aware of Klinefelter syndrome, but the fraction of people who are affected by it range from 1/1000 to much, much lower, depending on the political axe those publishing the percentages are grinding. Most with KS may not realize it until they reach puberty, and even then it may take an MD specializing in KS to identify it. Still, with an XXY, XXXY or XXXXY on the 23rd chromosome the individual is still a male.)

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