Snake Oil Works

He took the snake oil, and had mild symptoms.  That proved to him the snake oil works.

Omicron variant in Italy, patient zero speaks: “Glad to be vaccinated” – L’Unione Sarda English

WHO sees more evidence that Omicron causes milder symptoms | Reuters

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9 Responses to Snake Oil Works

  1. GWS says:

    Their mantra is always, If we hadn’t done it it would be much worse.

  2. Russell Cook says:

    Tragedy is, pretty much all of us remember back to a time when vaccines worked to stop disease in its tracks. Take the polio vaccine, and you DON’T get polio. Take the malaria vaccine and you DON’T get malaria. Take the anthrax vaccine and you DON’T get anthrax. Take the measles vaccine and you DON’T come down with measles. Take the small pox vaccine based off chicken pox that results in one skin blister (if anything at all), and you DON’T get small pox.

    Take the china virus vaccine, and you still get the china virus.

  3. Disillusioned says:

    If he had any symptoms, he had an infection. A true vaccine prevents infection by helping the body produce antibodies to keep a person from becoming infected. The ‘vaccine’ he took didn’t prevent an infection. His ‘vaccine’ didn’t work at all, let alone “excellently.” Sheesh.

    This story is only newsworthy because it is designed to get more idiots to irrationally submit to another Big Pharma concoction.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    I heard China is locked down, on a “Zero Covid” quest. Yeah, good luck widdat.

    Isn’t that like…

    umm, like….

    ….like trying to have zero influenza?

  5. Justa Joe says:

    People that took the hot shot of their own volition want/need to feel that there was a good reason for it.

  6. doc N says:

    If my vet had given my dog three rabies vaccines in one year and she still got rabies, I’d have some questions.

  7. Harry Horse says:

    Unluckily the comment about taking the vaccine you don’t get the virus is more or less Moronic.

    Polio was not a virus. You don’t get it because they stopped spreading it. There are no viruses at all.

    Read a book and learn how the government lies. Small pox ended they did not cure shit.

    There are no vaccines. They do not stop shit because there is nothing to stop. We are not affected by germs. Pasteur was wrong.

    We are electric beings. When we are out of balance shit happens and you get what the broke fake allopathic money machine claims are diseases or sickness. In fact they are not anything like they describe. The mind is very powerful tool when someone knows how to manipulate it.

    I guarantee you will not believe me. I am ever sick. I know it’s a lie hence I do not get affected by nonsense. Of course if I lose my balance I will need to correct it. It can happen but stay away from the doctors. They do not know they are actually perpetrators of hell on earth. They think it’s a real science. Science of lies.

    Rockefeller and Carnegie created the allopathic system as part of their money machine. They use homeopathy. They are not stupid to take all the poisons they create.

    • Steve says:

      Take the vaccine and you won’t get the virus was preached to us for a long time in the beginning by the experts. Even Biden said it on TV. BTW, my wife of 55 years has never had a cold or the flu. Me and the kids do, but she has never had so much as the sniffles. It’s a topic of humor in our house now. She got two doses of the vaccine because one of her doctors threatened to stop seeing her as a patient if she refused. The vaccine didn’t faze her either. She must be bullet proof.

  8. Bonnie says:

    Rabbits’ feet are much more effective and safe. They have got me through multiple crises in life.

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