Arctic Report Card

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  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    The problem is not so much that the government is lying to us, it’s the fact that people actually believe the lies.

    • rah says:

      Yes they do! Even now days when this truck driver has a run up to Chicago I never fail to see some people walking down a sidewalk, alone, wearing a mask! It is so sad!

  2. Michael Spencer says:

    But! But! Tony: ‘Scientists say’ – don’t you know anything?

    And in these days of politically-correct wokeism, you shouldn’t quote nasty facts! You might offend someone …..

  3. Stuart Hamish says:

    Excerpt from the 1922 Monthly Weather Review :
    ” The Arctic seems to be warming up . Reports …….all point to a radical change in climatic conditions and hitherto unheard of high temperatures in that part of the earths surface …..Where formerly great masses of ice were found there are now often moraines , accumulations of earth and stones . At many points where glaciers formerly extended far into the sea they have entirely disappeared ……..last winter [ 1921 ] the ocean did not freeze over even on the north coast of Spitzbergen ”

    Studies have shown that during the period 1920 – 30 the Arctic region warmed at a 50% faster rate than the comparable timeframe 1995 – 2005 so the eyewitness testimonies mentioning rapid glacial melt and warmer than usual temperatures are not exaggerated The intense stifling heatwaves , and immense swathes of dry desiccated Eurasian terrain stretching to the Arctic ocean [ see the affected area in the New York Herald report map ] would have left some anomalous signature such as higher concentrations of wind transported dust in the early 1920’s Greenland ice core stratigraphy and that is precisely what is visible in the American GISP2 record . . The segment of ice in the 1300 year GISP2 chronology extending to the 7th century CE with the highest volume of coarse dust particles – and the largest sized particles – just so happens to be 1920 -22 with the spike centered on 1921 .

    The 1920 -22 particulate anomaly chart is on p 117 of Mike Baillie’s book ‘ New Light on the Black Death : The Cosmic Connection ” Baillie wrote on p 116 ” someone might like to solve this little enigma ” I would submit the anomaly has been solved unless someone else has a better hypothesis . The source data , if you prefer to scrutinize and graph the data yourself Tony is cited as ” The Greenland Summit Ice Cores CD -ROM 1997 available from The National Snow and Ice Data Center , University of Colorado at Boulder and the World Data Center -A for Paleoclimatology National Geophysical Data Center Boulder Colorado ‘ This would be an excellent complementary refresher item for your next 1921 presentation .

    Incidentally the unsurpassed world record heatwave [ 160 consecutive days of 100 F or higher ] occurred in 1923-24 in the Pilbara region of Western Australia .. Before the last murky round of ‘homogenization ‘ at the hands of the Australian Adjustment Bureau of Meteorology .

  4. rah says:

    Perhaps the best you have produced! Great stuff Tony!

    I see the narrative of lies they have been telling about what is going in in Ukraine is also starting to fall apart.

  5. Ulric Lyons says:

    Re Greenland ice, the North Atlantic Oscillation has seen stronger positive anomalies since around 2015. apart from in 2019. It’s fairly unusual (and fortunate) to see so much positive NAO conditions in a centennial solar minimum.

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