Biden Gas Price Progress

On December 9 Biden announced that he was making progress with gas prices. Since then gas prices are up $1.00.

11:55 AM · Dec 9, 2021

Gas Station Price Charts – Local & National Historical Average Trends –

The White House said their “climate agenda” would save American families $6,000 per year.

“If we pass our climate agenda we would lower energy prices for the average American family by $500 a month”

Biden Adviser Cedric Richmond: We Need to ‘Pass Our Climate Agenda’ to Lower Energy Prices :: Grabien – The Multimedia Marketplace

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6 Responses to Biden Gas Price Progress

  1. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    It’s costing them $6,000 per year, not saving them. As usual, truth is the exact opposite of reality.
    And democrats keep voting for these elitist and racist snobs. Here’s liberal hypocrisy on full display, this time by Hillary Clinton

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Biden plays both roles: Dumb and Dumber.

  3. Gamecock says:

    That, with the $2500 he and that Black guy saved me on health insurance, I should be able to buy another car.

  4. They save money. It costs an absolute fortune. But they save money. Who said he was talking about a NET saving?

  5. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Gasoline where I live is up $2 a gallon since Trump’s $1.799!
    AND diesel is well over that!

  6. roaddog says:

    $5 a gallon diesel is going to outright destroy a lot of small businesses.

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