Graphing Canada


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  1. Alex MacMillan says:

    Could you please send me the link to this Port Hardy temperature data?

    Thank you.

  2. Steve Cooksey says:

    real climate tools also includes Canada. I see that now! Also UK, JA, and AS. I’m playing with it. I see the data is missing in Germany during the WWII years? That stands to reason.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Some cities experienced recurring anthropogenic heating towards the end of the war.

    • Joe says:

      “I see the data is missing in Germany during the WWII years?”
      Yeap, the Nazi’s kept the data in their archives somewhere, so it is now lost.

  3. David Hilderman says:

    I looked through BC temperature data, and one of the longest and most contiguous was Agasis. It would be great if you could get that location in. In Saskatchewan, Indian Head used to have the longest record then sometime late 2020, the data disappeared from the environment Canada website. Probably the same time as they changed their name to Environment and Climate Change Canada.

  4. Bruce Lamb says:

    Also, Dr. Ross McKittrick and his team have done an excellent job of graphing a good chunk of the Environment Canada data at It is up-to-date to 2016 and goes back as far as 1841 (possibly farther — that is what I found for Toronto), if the data exists.

    • Rockwood says:

      Thanks for the link. Thanks Tony for making this happen. Time for another contribution.

      I am starting to play around with Canadian Climate Normals data
      and wondering if any of this is linked to your app.
      Not sure how this will play out, but also wondering if the available Canadian data has been tampered with….. Blackface Castro is bent on destroying my country with his climate crisis scam and I want to prove the a hole wrong, one way or the other – and help end the scam

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