Putin Price Hike

FACT SHEET: President Biden’s Plan to Respond to Putin’s Price Hike at the Pump | The White House

“KOB 4 asked the New Mexico Oil & Gas Association why prices are increasing so quickly.

“Biden has spent the last year telling the oil and gas industry that there’s not going to be a future for oil and gas in our country, and that the administration is committed to transitioning away from that,” Robert McEntyre, spokesperson for the NMOGA, said. “So I think what you’re seeing today is the result of those policies – not investing, not doubling down on oil and gas, and how that actually impacts consumers.”

AAA: New Mexico gas prices hit all-time high – KOB.com

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13 Responses to Putin Price Hike

  1. Gamecock says:

    ‘there’s not going to be a future for oil and gas in our country, and that the administration is committed to transitioning away from that’

    ‘Transitioning’ is focus group tested gaslighting.

    Should the Democrats announce that they are killing the use of gas and oil in the U.S., they’d be hounded out of office. So they call it ‘transitioning.’

    But there is no “next” to go to. The full potential energy production from renewables is at least an order of magnitude less than what we have now. It cannot support 330 million people. 300 million must die, or go elsewhere.

    But that will actually never happen. Our economy will be so screwed, we won’t be able to afford a military. So we will be invaded by Canada, or Mexico, or the Dominican Republic.

    • Trevor says:

      LMFAO! Don’t include Canada in the group that will invade the US. Canada couldn’t successfully invade North Dakota if it was a stand alone country. Besides, Canada is way further down the self-destruction path than USA and accelerating fast.

      • Rockwood says:

        Actually as a Canadian we are a joke and yes we should be invaded by our friends to the south who could make good use of our resources. But more specific, get rid of Blackface Castro who continues to give our wealth and future away to the Chinese hoard.

    • Lynne Balzer says:

      We are already being invaded by Mexico.

  2. Cheshire Red says:

    We have a similar story unfolding over here in UK.

    These are deliberate policies designed to drive the price of O&G upwards, making renewables price competitive. Without government rigging the markets renewables don’t have a chance of being viable.

  3. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    The plan is to make the poor and middle class suffer, then lie and pretend to be the savior. Of course people will be at their mercy. But democrats are in big trouble, even in the state of Wyoming

  4. czechlist says:

    I have wanted to give the bidet the benefit of doubt that he is senile and demented and totally in the control of his handlers. No more! The POS of the US knows exactly what he is doing and may he suffer painfully for it.
    HIS will be done

  5. GWS says:

    The lies are never ending with this creature from a nightmare of Edgar Allan Poe.

  6. GWS says:

    USA Today 2035 — Once a great nation lived on these lands where now is but wreckage and gravestones marking the shattered dreams of woke administrators who convinced the children that hovercars can fly on fairy dust and dreams and rattlesnakes will sing to us the secrets of nature if we will but listen oh so carefully; but somehow, someway, sure that the magatrumps were sabotaging them, it never came to be. The dream had been so grand that it sustained the woke for days and days, till at last they too went the way of the windmills and the solar panels and the dust and the gloom and the country once called America. So sad, indeed.

  7. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Without plentiful and affordable fossil fuels, billions will die.
    That’s all for today…

    • Gamecock says:

      Literally true. Fossil fuels lifted 80% of the world’s population out of extreme poverty. The ‘transistion,’ as they call it, is from prosperity to poverty.

  8. Kateiel says:

    What these idiots forget, aside from the obvious fact that there is nothing to “transition” to, is the fact that we do not just use oil and gas for transportation, farming etc… Exactly what is going to replace all the items we get from petroleum? Can the by product of wind energy be turned into plastics or any plastic based item, in fact, how are they going to make the windmill blades or many of the other component parts? We will never have enough wood or metal, even if they are a good substitute – as the government has destroyed those industries as well. Government actions are the quintessential exemplar of the law of unintended consequences. The inmates have been running the asylum for way too long.

  9. Vegieman says:

    It is presumption to think that those driving the “cause” to replace fossil fuels with green alternatives are fools who are ignorant to the consequence of mass casualties and the ultimate destruction of the works of humanity that were enabled by God for the purpose of fulfilling His command to “increase and multiply”.

    These are madmen, servants of hell, self loathing God haters, that are bent on turning the whole world upside down to fulfill a delusion of reducing the earth’s population to “sustainable” levels. The devil despises his very existence and is given over to lead a self destroying revolt of apocalyptic proportions. Most will align with and follow his lie.

    The whole thing IS coming down. The only prepping you need is to read the Bible.

    “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”

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