COVID Fatigue In Los Alamos

My home town of Los Alamos, New Mexico is the best educated and healthiest city in the US.  I used to travel there every month, but their COVID superstitions made visiting the place nearly intolerable. Last October friends and family refused to meet with us because we were uninjected and face-diaperless. One long-time friend said I “had no soul” because I wasn’t supporting Pfizer. I felt this was unfair, because my tax dollars were going directly to Pfizer’s bottom line, just like everybody else.

Los Alamos seems determined to keep the misery going as long as possible.

Los Alamos: America’s Healthiest Community Confronts COVID Fatigue | Healthiest Communities | US News

Los Alamos did a have a brief moment of sanity on June 19, 2021.

Los Alamos does appear to be surviving what experts call the “worst drought in 1,200 years”

Los Alamos, NM 10-Day Weather Forecast | Weather Underground

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15 Responses to COVID Fatigue In Los Alamos

  1. Margaret Smith says:

    Gorgeous photo! The white clothes and brightly coloured bouquet make it memorable.
    Thanks for sharing it.

    • saveenergy says:

      The say people get married in white because all domestic appliances come in white … so, which one is the dishwasher ??? (:-))

  2. John Francis says:

    Very nice

  3. Deplorable David Parsons says:

    That is the best color combination I’ve ever seen in a wedding photo.

  4. Petit_Barde says:

    Greetings from France !

  5. AV says:

    Great photo.

  6. Congratulations for your happy celebration on June 19, 2021

  7. arn says:

    I knew that there is a photo of Tony not wearing shorts.

  8. richard c merrill says:

    Los Alamos relies on Federal money so they do and believe what DC tells them. I wonder what Feynman’s response would be to this nonsense if he were still alive and living in Los Alamos?

    Dick Merrill
    Chuckey, TN (80 miles from Oak Ridge)

  9. Luis says:

    great photo Tony, keep it up, cheers : )

  10. William Capron says:

    It’s a beautiful picture; she’s a beautiful girl!

  11. kzvx says:

    Thank God I live in Texas… although we do have our fair share of covidiots

  12. Larry A Weeden says:

    Tony & Kirye – All the best always to You Both…& the dogs too!

  13. Disillusioned says:

    Little Kirye down at bottom right makes the perfect photo more perfect.

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