John Kerry Guarantees It

“We have to embrace this transition which will, in the end, I guarantee you, be larger than ultimately than the Industrial Revolution was.”

John Kerry: Green Transition Will Be Bigger Than The Industrial Revolution |

Wind and solar provide 3% of global energy usage.

Global primary energy consumption by source

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26 Responses to John Kerry Guarantees It

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Like, a return to the Dark Ages would be larger than the Industrial Revolution?
    It’s okay to have big ideas, but they have to be grounded in the reality. Most crack pot ideas fail-also crack head ideas.

  2. arn says:

    If,after so many decades and trillions of investment in Solar and Wind on a global scale, only 3% of energy is generated by renewables,
    then it becomes obvious that Boris Johnsons promise to run Britain by 2035 is a deathtrap for the british people.

    As britain alone consumes 1.5% of world energy.
    And Britain neither has the manpower,the experts,the resources,the facilities nor the money ,weather or space to built in just 13 years 50% of what the whole world combined has built in the last 30 years.
    And the higher the inflation gets and the less cheap energy is being produced the more expensive every new renewable facility will become.
    Britain will at best increase its renewable energy output by 30% till 2035 and from then on there will be no money left to buy foreign ressources as Britain won’t produce a single thing worth trading .

    For the USA it will be even worse,as the states consume 1/6 of global energy supply = current global renewables could barely power the country for 2 month.

    Considering the scale of destruction that is being planned and executed under the guise of green transition the scale of tyranny to make people complywill dwarf everything we’ve ever seen.

  3. Robert L Gipson says:

    Kerry, a forever Bonesman (Skull & Bones) *and* Bildeberger who armed ISIS & al Nusra (al Qaeda) “rebels” in Syria, is fully and irrevocably committed to death on a massive scale.

    • Disillusioned says:

      He doesn’t know anything. He was given a script. His only commitment is to the Cabal, and what they are pushing for today. If that includes mass death, so be it. IMHO

  4. Solar Mutant Ninjaneer says:

    I’m getting tired of this “transition” narrative crap. Just look at the Primary Energy Consumption by Source chart posted here. We have never transitioned away from any energy source. We burn pretty much as much biomass as ever, for example. As new sources are developed they are simply added to the mix. And in every case, it took many decades for each source to take hold.
    Just like petroleum did not replace coal or biomass, wind and solar will not replace gas, oil and coal. As someone said, “we didn’t stop using stones when the stone age ended,” We will not stop using fossil fuels just because wind and solar have been added to the mix.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      The transition was killed in the 1970s when nuclear energy was aborted thanks to dimits with no science understanding or training going crazy to prevent it. The conversion to medieval level energy consumption of wind and solar will yield a medieval lifestyle.

      • Conrad Ziefle says:

        Meanwhile, the US Navy has run its biggest ships on nuclear power with no major incidents for half a century.

        • Bob Cherba (@rbcherba) says:

          That reminds me . . . Small/mini/micro reactors are a big deal these days. Well, we’ve had successful models on submarines for about 70 years. Also, the military used to operate small reactors at remote, hard-to-fuel, locations. I think they had a couple in Alaska.

          I started in nuclear plants in 1966 and had a Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) license from the AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) in 1968. Except for updated designs, I haven’t seen any new types of reactors under consideration. For those who think history started when they were born, ‘we’ built and tried to operate the following types back in the 1950s and 1960s: high temperature gas cooled; liquid sodium fast reactor; probably molten salt; and probably others my old brain can’t recall. We also used mixed oxide fuel (uranium plus plutonium) [Actually, all uranium reactors end up using mixed oxide fuel because plutonium is created during the cycle and contributes a significant amount of the power produced by the end of the fuel cycle.]

  5. Daniel Smeal says:

    I’m sure that is Kerry’s and Gore’s wish because they probably have huge investments in these ‘green’ energy sources. Problem is – they’ll be dead and buried before these sources likely even provide 10% of our needs. Well – I guess their heirs will be rolling in dough.

  6. Steve Cooksey says:

    We’re going to transition alright. Transition to begging for food, heating, and air conditioning.

  7. Can’t believe Wikidpeddler still has this up!
    In 2004, the Long Island Power Authority erected two 100-foot, 50 kW wind turbines at the Shoreham Energy Center site,[15] as part of a renewable-energy program.[16][17] At a ceremony, chairman Kessel stated, “We stand in the shadow of a modern-day Stonehenge, a multibillion-dollar monument to a failed energy policy, to formally commission the operation of a renewable energy technology that will harness the power of the wind for the benefit of Long Island’s environment.” The turbines generate 200 MWh per year, or 1/35,000th of the energy the nuclear plant would have produced.
    2 = 1/35,000 that means we will only need 70,000 that will be the new look for Long Island Sound & the Hamptons!

  8. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Frontline Doctor Simone Gold just got 60 days in federal prison for entering the Capitol on 1/6 . It was perfectly fine when women’s rights and abortion fanatics did it in 2020, or when Antifa tried to burn a federal courthouse down in Portland with people in it.
    Are y’all paying attention yet?

  9. GreyGeek says:

    Kerry thinks he will be among the survivors after the mass die off due to starvation.
    There are 330 million people in America. Only 2 million of them farm, and average farm is about 450 acres. Most farmers make ends meet by working part time jobs and having their wives work as well. They farm because they love the job.

    That’s 0.6% of all Americans.

    How can so few produce food for so many? The use of heavy machinery with diesel engines burning diesel made from petroleum, enabling them to pull implements that plant, cultivate and harvest 36 rows at a pass. As Dr Bartlett said, “Modern farming is using land to convert oil into food.” No oil? No food.

    When grocery shelves run out of food because delivery trucks have no diesel fuel most people will be unprepared and won’t have enough food to last more than two or three weeks. Then they will begin starving. In desperation they will begin eating small birds, rodents, squirrels, grass, minnows and bugs, IF they can catch, kill, cook and eat them.
    The first wave of die-offs will occur 60 days after food shortages begin. Roving gangs of armed thieves will break into every building in their search for food. The gangs will range out to 500 miles or so from metropolitan areas, the range of a full tank of gasoline.
    The will range farther abroad if they can find stores of gasoline, which is doubtful.

    Those who prepped by storing a year’s supply of food, or more, will become obvious as they won’t grow gaunt due to lack of food. They will become obvious targets. Unless they find out that the stored food rotted because the business that sold them the food lied about its preparation. To survive they must be fully armed with adequate ammo supplies. 5,000 – 10,000 rounds of ammo for each weapon they own, at a minimum.

    The next die-off will begin 6 months after food shortages began, and waves of die-offs will occur at 3-6 month intervals.

    Those that prepared by planting 1 to 5 acre vegetable gardens for themselves and for their chickens, goats and cows will have to use rifles and shotguns to defend their produce and animals 24/7 against armed thieves.

    A year after the shortages of food began about 2/3rds of Americans will have died.

    After about five years those that have the greatest chance of survival will be living in small villages of 400 to 800 people with varying skills. Perhaps an MD, a few nurses, welders, electricians, blacksmiths, carpenters, teachers (of useful skills – reading, math, history), judges, etc… They will build their own electrical generation (solar, wind, coal, oil) stations to feed their existing electrical networks. The homes will be in the center section of 9 sections of land, 3 on a side. Electronic surveillance will watch the community and the land surrounding it. These kinds of villages will pop up in rural areas all over the country.

    This assumes, of course, that foreign governments do not try to exploit our breakup.

  10. MGJ says:

    A good example of a floating abstraction: ‘bigger’.
    Bigger in what sense?

    A company I once worked for bragged it would be “Number 1” by the year 2000. No mention of whether measured by sales volume, turnover, profitability, staff employed, countries served, market cap etc. It would probably have been tough to find some respect in which it wasn’t number 1.

  11. Dayna says:

    We will go back to cavemen days, I guess that could be “revolutionary”.

  12. Billyjack says:

    In the Church of Warming, a denomination of the main religion of Secular Socialism, whose deity is the government, is Kerry trying to replace Al Gore as the Joel Osteen?

  13. Mahatmat says:

    When people do not know facts and judge themselves as “ordinary people” they tend to follow authorities – that is to say: They follow the advice of rich people – however obviously fucked up that advice is. Rich people can not be wrong, right?

  14. Lynne Balzer says:

    If millions and millions of people buy electric cars, where is the electricity to power them going to come from…fairy dust?

    • Didn’t you know? The government is going to repeal the Laws of Thermodynamics. Megalomaniac idiots who imagine they can control the climate have no upper bound on their stupidity. When a politician claims to be ‘following the science’ we need to understand they are referring to their understanding of the science, which is not at all.

  15. Bob G says:

    On Tuesday I drove to Southeastern South Dakota from Central Minnesota. I came across a large wind farm in southwestern Minnesota and most of the windmills were not turning because there was very little wind. On my way home Thursday I took a different route and came across a large wind farm near clear lake South Dakota. Almost all of those windmills were not turning because it was too windy. they shut down if the wind is blowing 25 mph or higher. Complete joke for an energy source.

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