June 28, 1933 – 100 Degrees In Chicago

“Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) – 28 Jun 1933

Heat of 100.17

(Pictures on Back Page.)

The warmest June that Chicago ever knew attained new temperature heights yesterday when the official thermometer registered 100.1 degrees at 3.25 p. m.

This mark made a new all time record for the month, The previous maximum was on June 7 of this year. That date is ¢carried on the weather bureau books with a maximum of 100, but actually the high then was 99.8 degrees. Never before 1933 did any June day see the mercury even approach ‘the century mark. In fact, 100 degrees heat is a rarity in Chicago in any summer month.”

28 Jun 1933, 1 – Chicago Tribune at Newspapers.com

The following year, June 28, 1934 was even hotter.

28 Jun 1934, Page 1 – The Evening Standard at Newspapers.com

Illinois June 28 temperatures have plummeted since the 1930s.

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