Most Popular President Ever

Experts say Joe Biden received eighty-one million votes, making him the most popular president in history.

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10 Responses to Most Popular President Ever

  1. arn says:

    And here is a nice video(3:44- which can also be considered the methods they use to protect the AGW scam) that hints how Mr I never got 81 mio votes got into office.
    and that there is basically no reall difference between big corp or secret services
    (or climate scam)

  2. Petit_Barde says:

    Pelosi : “He is just perfect” …

    … to destroy the planet.

  3. Felton Suthon says:

    The average ratio of increase in presidential election voters from the last presidential election to increase in population since the last presidential election is 0.47 covering presidential elections from 1960-2016 (+0.58, +0.17, +0.28, +0.97, +0.09, +0.60, +0.81, -0.16, +1.30, -0.82, +0.49, +1.95, +0.70, -0.26, +0.31). In 2020, that ratio was 3.34. This is very unlikely.

    • arn says:

      It is especially superunlikely
      if we consider that lockdowns and all other restrictions were the worst scenario for elections and it was a perfect scenario for a decrease of votes.
      + if we consider that Biden refused to campaign (he knew he didn’t have to as everyone who ran against Trump would have won the election – this was decided by the oligarchy in 2016)

  4. czechlist says:

    He got 81 million votes but how many were legitimate votes? And no parsing by the likes of Wm Barr- if Barr, or anyone else, didn’t count and verify each ballot then their testimony that the election was completely legitimate is hearsay, anectdotal and inadmissable.

  5. Chris Higginson says:

    I wonder how many Americans there are today who are regretting that they voted for the present president?

    • MGJ says:

      Usual caveat: I am not American…
      …but I paid some attention to what was being said during the election process and nothing that Biden’s mob has done has surprised me in the least.
      Starting a war with Russia, perverts in children’s toilets, killing fossil fuel industries, closing pipelines, none of these were secrets.

    • David Walker says:

      I’m not sure dead people can suffer from voter regret!

  6. Bill says:

    81 millions votes for the moron in the WH. What does that say for the 81 million voters?

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