‘There’s almost too much snow’

“Almost a metre of snow has been dumped on Mt Buller’s ski fields, the deepest snow level ever recorded for a Queen’s Birthday long weekend. After two years of lockdowns, the ski fields opened a week early this year thanks to a huge dumping of snow not typically seen until mid-July or August. Mt Buller’s snow depth has reached 76 centimetres, the most for a Queen’s Birthday weekend since records began 44 years ago. It was so deep on Saturday that staff were digging chair lifts out of the snow.”

‘There’s almost too much snow’: Snowfall breaks 44-year record on Queen’s Birthday long weekend

Five years ago scientists announced the demise of skiing in Australia.

Snowy retreat: Climate change puts Australia’s ski industry on a downhill slope

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  1. Alastair Hobbs says:

    Sorry, a bit off topic, but this is the nearest to the antarctic, which is supposed to have a problem. I attach my response to this article :https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/antarctica-glacier-ice-sheet-melt/ the irony of the name of the writer is amusing, Ted Scambos.

    If this can be put in a more appropriate place, that would be good.

    “Polar scientists say”. What is left out is the explanation for the fissures in the ice. Glaciers are a flowing entity. They flow , as most things do, from high to low, so they flow from the high ground, where most snow falls, to the sea, where the ice breaks off. This is what glaciers do. It is not a forewarning of imminent sea level rise. Given the temperatures in the antarctic, which are very low, and not showing any sign of increasing, the ice movements will not be causing a sea level rise. The theories for the undercurrents melting the ice and so having the remainder falling to the sea at an increasing rate, thus causing flooding have been misinforming people for decades.

    Please stop the fear mongering, and instead relate your reports to facts. A useful starting place (which is confirmed by recently graduated “fact checkers” critisisms, is realclimatescience.com, where you can find historical confirmation for any claims made.

    Stop misinforming people and increasing their levels of anxiety for the sake of this false climate religeon.

    • John Sutcliffe says:

      The media won’t change, they show power companies cooling towers for CO2 release and calving glaciers for sea-level rise, it impresses the f/wits which includes a lot of teachers.
      The media is run by arts degrees, most of them cant add up. Sorry to the good people here but the media has the stage.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Thank you Alastair,

      From the featured comment at the top of the comments in the article, I see RFK Jr. (although I agree with him on the Big Pharma vax argument, and I appreciate his work on that), is still completely deluded and on the wrong side of the climate change argument – still fearmongering against fossil fuel companies and “Carbon” (SMH). On this topic, he is woefully ignorant and has swallowed that Cabal fraud, hook, line and sinker. If I can switch from a believer in AGW to realist skeptic, he can too – only if he would choose to educate himself.

  2. rah says:

    “Scientists say”.. choke, cough…..

    When it comes to anything having to do with climate the terms “scientists say” and “climate models predict” or any variations there of, are huge tells that your reading or hearing a lie. They are almost always seen with any of many variations of weasel words like may, could, possibly, and so on and so forth ad nauseum.

  3. Avalanche Alert North of SEATTLE!
    As far North as you can get from the Auskies & SkiZealots….
    SKI BABY SKI !!!

  4. Daniel Smeal says:

    Watching the weather channel this morning I see there is a winter storm warning for the Glacier Park area of Montana. Up to 24 inches of snow forecast for the higher elevations. I don’t suppose this is really uncommon for Montana. I attended a meeting in Bozeman several years ago in June when they received a few inches. Apparently, it hasn’t got any warmer there.

  5. Jimd1958 says:

    I moved to Denver area few years ago. I noticed the new weather station is now at the Denver International Airport some 12 miles from downtown. The temperature records fall often there when put in comparison to city records.
    The foolish locals fall for the narrative of warming climate.
    The area around airport is all prairie , leading to hotter highs and colder maximum temperatures in winter.
    Sheep will always be led the wrong way.

  6. Graeme No.3 says:

    The Queen’s birthday weekend holiday in early June (11-13 this year) is the TRADITIONAL opening of the ski season.
    What’s this nonsense about opening a week early?
    And how could any sane person claim that extra snow is due to Global Warming?

    O/T but Adelaide and Melbourne have had nearly 3 weeks of cold weather due to unusually strong winds from the southern ocean. Actually that should read South Australia and Victoria AND Tasmania (all cold). Hobart had snow down to 400 metres (which must have meant on Mt. Wellington which can get snow any month of a year).

  7. David G says:

    And in the state of “tropical Queensland”, we have widespread temperatures below zero yesterday and today, with more to come. I suppose this is called “paradoxical” global warming, meaning “warming” is actually “cooling”.
    There, now it makes sense!

  8. aussie says:

    My nephew is working at Perisher on the lifts. He was called in a week earlier than expected and reports a spectacular start to the season.

    The Queens Birthday weekend start has always been iffy. Often there is little snow and startup is delayed. Not this year – I cannot remember an early start for many years.

    Here in QLD we have had very cold weather.

    Of course we have idiotic reporting of coal mines belching methane and causing warming. We had the peak of the warming occur back in 1998. Solar cycles are such that this cold winter weather and more abundant snow are set to be a feature for some decades to come…

    I just wonder for how long our stupid Bureau of Meteorology will keep producing its completely fictious graphs and its hyperventilating “hottest ever” cries…. They are completely inaccurate , and a bit off topic but at beginning of 2021 they were saying it was going to be very dry. I told my son to now watch the weather. Within weeks we had record rainfall…. the BOM have no credibility at all.

  9. Oztruthseeker says:

    An even bigger problem here in Australia with this record cold is that because of years of hysterical scaremongering from the Greens and others, now with the addition of the ‘Teal’ candidates elected just weeks ago, coal and gas have been ridiculously demonised to such an extent that the whole eastern seaboard is currently under threat of widespread blackouts and the threat is so dire that even some of the biggest Climate Alarmist and Net-Zero devotees are saying we need MORE coal and Gas online now, albeit without admitting that it is their fault and that maybe they are wrong about Climate change. It has also recently been revealed that weather readings here have been skewered to warmer temperatures as numbers of stations in colder areas have been closed and they won’t record temperatures below a certain amount (no such limit on recording warmer temperatures) anywhere. No credibility indeed.

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