“a glut of cheap power”

“Britain will soon have a glut of cheap power, and world-leading batteries to store it

Trailblazing Britain is leading the most ambitious rollout of offshore wind in the world

28 July 2022 – 5:09pm

Today’s electricity price shock is the last crisis of the old order. Britain will soon have far more power at times of peak production than it can absorb. The logistical headache will be abundance.

Wind and solar provided almost 60pc of the UK’s power for substantial stretches last weekend, briefly peaking at 66pc.”

Britain will soon have a glut of cheap power, and world-leading batteries to store it

Wind power production as a percentage

“Britain’s power grid raised the prospect of a tight energy supply this winter, publishing an unusual early forecast to help the energy industry prepare”

Britain’s Power Grid Warns of Tight Energy Supply – The New York Times

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6 Responses to “a glut of cheap power”

  1. arn says:

    The more the failure becomes obvious
    the bigger the promises of Utopia that’s just around the corner,

    and in this case they solved the massive problems of green energy production and storage when they needed it most by
    simply writing an article.

    And we know that the name Pritchard stands for hilarious phantasy stories.

  2. Gamecock says:

    ‘Wind and solar provided almost 60pc of the UK’s power for substantial stretches last weekend, briefly peaking at 66pc.’

    Get it up to 100pc for months on end, then you might have something. Now, you just proclaim its inadequacy, with a MEGAPHONE.

  3. Mike says:

    War is Peace.
    Up is Down.
    Right is Wrong.

  4. LexingtonGreen says:

    So wish Tony was on Twitter still.

  5. Jeff L. says:

    Will England still pursue Boris’s pipe-dream now that he’s gone?

  6. D. Boss says:

    More manure being spread – glut of cheap power indeed!

    Related to a post this past week on the UK wanting to make air travel “net zero” by 2050, I saw the following video from one of the largest “conventions” for aviation in N America at least – Oshkosh AirVenture:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7fanofaGUw (Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator at AirVenture)

    What a load of crap! Ok so they are using more additive manufacturing (3D printing of metal parts instead of casting and subtractive machining) – doubtful if it saves any net energy, and even more doubtful a 3D printed part can have the same structural integrity of something forged, cast, or machined from very specific alloys.

    Ok, they are making manufacturing more efficient – that’s like emptying the ocean with a tablespoon….. (compared to energy to mine, refine, smelt, cast, machine, fabricate, and run all of aviation this saves a pittance)

    Or using shape memory alloys to make vortex generators – give me a break! Again this is like trying to use a hand pump sprayer to water your plants in a hurricane. And vortex generators are merely small L shaped protrusions riveted to airfoils – so a 50 cent part is now a $500 part subject to failure with the shape memory garbage. And at high speed, which all airliners fly at (0.8 to 0.88 mach) these are also needed so retractable ones are stupid:


    And the biggest scam/con is SAF or Sustainable Aviation Fuel – which is made from waste vegetable or animal oils and fats…. Boeing says it is committed to making all their aircraft certified to burn 100% of waste foodstuff by 2030. Oh great, to save the planet we’re going to remove a large fraction of agriculture from making food, to making “sustainable” fuels for aviation and transportation in general – brilliant example of polishing a turd.


    So Boeing took this scrapped 777 from the junkyard, made it airworthy and painted it pretty colors, and fly it around to airshows to do a dog and pony show on how it is cowtowing to the green nutbar cult’s party line…..

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