Another WEF Success Story

Four years ago, World Economic Forum member Ranil Wickremesinghe announced his  plan to make Sri Lanka rich by 2025.

How we will make Sri Lanka rich by 2025 | World Economic Forum

The Sri Lanka economy has since collapsed.

Why Sri Lanka’s economy collapsed, and what’s next for the island nation?

As his reward, he has now been promoted to President.

The New York Times says Sri Lanka is out of fuel, at the same time the New York Times is demanding the end of fuel.

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8 Responses to Another WEF Success Story

  1. arn says:

    “Meet the new boss – same as the old boss.”

    I forgot who made up this quote
    but it was expected that the WEF wouldn’t losen its grip on Sri Lanka
    (and pretend that a majority of 0.5% of the country are totally pro build back better,green farming and LGBT for 3 year olds ).
    Otherwise Victoria Nuland her husband and the NED would be already on their way to bring freedom and democracy

  2. spren says:

    Notice how all of these progressive leftists are always claiming authority to lead transitions from one thing to another, or leading radical transformations. Why do they presume to be capable of anything like this, and notice how they always invariably create catastrophes or worse. None of their actions ever work, let alone make things better. It’s almost like the failures produced are by design.

  3. Hans Bouman says:

    The Sri Lanka disaster has the same greenpeace smell as their dogmatic ban on DDT.
    That killed thousands with a malaria explosion and this was only reversed by ignoring greenpeace and reverting to intelligent use of DDT. Same with the ban by greenpeace for golden rice.
    Greenpeace and WEF are responsible for a lot of poverty, suffering and thousands (probably hundred thousands) deaths. Somehow this elite is clever enough to avoid accountability. Always ideology over ratio.
    One day they will be held accountable!

  4. David March says:

    Let’s remember that from the point of view of the Lender of Funds, it can in fact be a SUCCESS STORY for the debtor to sink into penury, and so become perpetually enslaved to the Lender.

    So the phrase “Success Story” is fully appropriate, at least as far as the WEF is concerned.

  5. Mikey0 says:

    Whenever any leader starts to spout about a “knowledge-based economy”, ask yourself: “What knowledge? And who is controlling it?” Bill Clinton came up with the same claptrap when the internet started to take off. Those were the heady days of the first .com companies, baby search engines and his promise of a “new economy”. One that would never again face the vagaries of the old economy and would continue to grow forever. Denying basic principles seems to be the basis of the liberal’s thinking – if that is the right word. When the foundation of a person’s psychology is denial of reality, well, where is there to go? And does it even matter? For that person, no. But when the people in power are playing the same game, you get this present mess in America. Lies within deceptions wrapped in delusions.

  6. Disillusioned says:

    It is the beginning of the Great Reset [a genuine plan – not a wacko conspiracy theory].

    Fantastic monologue by Russell Brand:

    Economic Displacement is the real idea of the Great Reset.

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