BBC Is Upset

The BBC and the Met Office are upset people aren’t buying their anti-energy propaganda and hysteria based on two hot days last week – and apparently they are blaming some of the rejection of their propaganda on me.

“BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor said he had never experienced anything like it in nearly 25 years working in weather. The Royal Meteorological Society condemned the trolling. Most of the abuse seems to have been prompted as links were made between the heatwave and climate change.”

“Met Office lead meteorologist Alex Deakin said “it’s scary in some ways”, adding: “I find it more frustrating and offensive for my colleagues – some of the great minds in climate science. Show a bit of respect and do a bit more research rather than just believe Bob down the pub or Tony on YouTube.””

UK heatwave: Weather forecasters report unprecedented trolling – BBC News

London, United Kingdom Weather Calendar | Weather Underground

If “some of the great minds in climate science” knew what they were talking about, they would know that it wasn’t a heatwave at all.  According to the WMO, a heatwave lasts a minimum of five days.

“The World Meteorological Organization defines (heatwave) as five or more consecutive days during which the daily maximum temperature surpasses the average maximum temperature by 5 °C (9 °F) or more.”

heat wave | meteorology | Britannica

In 1976, the UK had an actual heatwave – sixteen consecutive days averaging over 90F.

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14 Responses to BBC Is Upset

  1. Mike says:

    When the ‘Elites’ in weather call you out Tony…ur winning BIGLY!!!

  2. Appeals to authority and ad hominem, that’s all those idiots have. The ‘science’ they are peddling is rubbish, and easily shown to be rubbish. If it’s the best the ‘great minds in climate science’ have got, I just wonder how many have IQs in triple figures. Manifest stupidity from people who consider themselves brilliant – isn’t that the Donning Kruger Effect?

  3. Steve Cooksey says:

    I don’t believe Tony, but I sure believe the historical facts and data Toto presents by pulling back the curtain.

  4. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Meanwhile Zeke Hausfather is faking data again. And getting owned in the thread

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor said he had never experienced anything like it in nearly 25 years working in weather.: I wonder if Matt understands the concept of a 100-year flood?
    some of the great minds in climate science: That’s almost an oxymoron. One wonders how a person who majors in climate, something that, by definition, moves at glacial speed, managers to make himself relevant.

    Show a bit of respect and do a bit more research. That’s what I do. I go to Tony on the Internet, because he does all the research and actually shows me the graphs and numbers, with nice lucid explanations. Respect is earned.

  6. Rosco says:

    You can tell it’s a heat wave when 12 days out of 31 have temperature maximums Australians living in sub tropical climates experience as winter LOL !

  7. Disillusioned says:

    More double standard hypocrisy. Met Office lead meteorologist Alex Deakin demands respect while in the same breath being disrespectful. SMH

    Perhaps Bob and Tony should share a couple Guinness down the pub. :-D

  8. rah says:

    People are wising up, and Tony, your part of the reason. Keep up the great work.

  9. Trevor says:

    Tony, you are mononymous! It is a great sign you are making waves when they don’t even have to use your whole name. Einstein, Bono, Voltaire, Madonna, Confucius, … Tony

  10. Greg in NZ says:

    Some woman with a frightful English accent, on RadioNZ, tried to convince her audience the 2 days of pleasant weather in the U.K. were made “doubly worse” by some mythical hand-of-man, or so some ‘esteemed scientists’ claimed.

    So… without this mysterious ‘hand of man’ there would’ve been only ONE pleasant, warm, sunny day at Heathrow Airport or the local RAF airfield. These people are sick in the head, and I’m sick of them. Long live Bob & Tony! 🤣

  11. The peasants must not be allowed to think for themselves. We cannot risk them questioning the holy doctrines of Mother Church.

  12. Mini says:

    My gf in the UK was crying over these mild temperatures. The day after in NY, we had a heatwave for like 5-6 days straight. I would have killed to have her temps. My part of NY is going to head back into another heatwave for 5-6 days at least. There’s no AC and it’s a brickhouse.

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