Fifty-Seven Years Into The Scam

“Air pollution is no longer confined to isolated places. This generation has altered the composition of the atmosphere on a global scale through radioactive materials and a steady increase in carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels. Entire regional airsheds, crop plant environments, and river basins are heavy with noxious materials. Motor vehicles and home heating plants, municipal dumps and factories continually hurl pollutants into the air we breathe. Each day almost 50,000 tons of unpleasant, and sometimes poisonous, sulfur dioxide are added to the atmosphere, and our automobiles produce almost 300,000 tons of other pollutants.”

– Lyndon Baines Johnson February 8, 1965

LBJ Presidential Library | Research

The US was suffering severe air pollution problems, and Lyndon Johnson called CO2 a pollutant.

“06 Aug 1965

While the water supply situation in the Midwest is spottedly acute, the drought conditions in the northeastern part of the country is “the most intense in the history of that area. according to a recent Presidential report on water resources. Conditions in the Delaware Basin are “particularly critical.” Yet the governors of that area attending the National Governors’ Conference recently in Minneapolis failed to reach a decision on asking President Johnson to designate the affected states as composing a drought disaster area.”

06 Aug 1965, Page 4 – Anderson Herald at

During the 1960s there was unanimous consensus earth was cooling.

TimesMachine: January 30, 1961 –

“Canberra Times Thursday 18 July 1963, page 44
Glaciers Grow In Norway

OSLO (A.A.P.-Reuter). — Norway’s glaciers are in the process of becoming thicker again after a period of 200 years of gradually melting down, according to glaciologist, Mr. Olav Liestol.

Last year nearly all glaciers increased by more than one metre — approximately four feet.

Mr. Liestol does not fore-see another ice age, but says that if Norway gets a series of years with a cold mean temperature, people must expect the glaciers gradually to creep further down into the valleys again.”

18 Jul 1963 – Glaciers Grow In Norway – Trove

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5 Responses to Fifty-Seven Years Into The Scam

  1. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Johnson did more to destroy Blacks than the Democratic Party did in the early 1800’s.
    Slavery was stopped by Lincoln and Republicans Black & White…than in 1965 Johnson put them BACK on the Federal Plantation (Welfare).
    True America is cleaner now than in the 60-*70’s but they have gone to far.
    Only a reversal of the Welfare class and Cold Fusion will free America to become greater than ever.
    Trillions are spent on garbage – windmills & solar panels – which could be used to develop Fission and finally the better Fusion reactors!

  2. arn says:

    Well LBJ was pushing globalist agendas before it was IN.
    He was the one who did the immigration reform act to open the borders and doors to your country (and also to socialism )- and both things had negative impacts as usual.
    And this was no coincidence as LBJ was a replacement of the typical government change practices the CiA has been using all around the world to replace elected leaders with puppets.

  3. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    57 years ago when I was in the first grade, and understood the CO2 was the giver of life. My grandmother was a science teacher and I understood scientific truth starting at about 4 years old. She gave me a simple science book written for second graders but said she would buy me a Timex watch I had wanted if I learned to read the book. So I did. 2 grade reading at 4 years old. Yes I got the watch and have been hooked on science ever since.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    Of course, that puppet didn’t just happen to think that up on his own. He was reading a prepared script. Yep – 57 years ago U.S. presidents were also handed scripts to read.

  5. Peter Carroll says:

    LBJ was that stupid he didn’t know that, if you can see it, it is NOT CO2.

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