Geology Banned At Linked-In

“The CO2 Coalition’s Executive Director, Gregory Wrightstone has been permanently banned from LinkedIn. The last straw apparently was this chart posted yesterday, shown below. It was fully sourced and referenced and used by IPCC.”

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13 Responses to Geology Banned At Linked-In

  1. Joao Martins says:

    That is why long ago I banned Linked-In and erased my data from their list.

  2. Jeff L. says:

    I’m glad I never joined Linked-in. I have been spammed by them too many times to count. Apparently they think that it’s okay to access all of your contacts when you join, and then spam everyone you know to try to get them to join too.

  3. Fruitloops says:

    I finally left LinkedIn at the start of the plandemic, the less who participate the less is its relevance

  4. nobler says:

    Still on LinkedIn.
    I was planning to leave by posting my pronouns, which are “get a life” and “bugger off”, but posting IPCC data might be better.

  5. Bill Tex Cowart says:

    You would have to be a fool to believe in the left’s climate hysteria.

  6. Conrad Ziefle says:

    It would be nice if we could order that chart at some reasonable price, and post it all over parks, shopping centers, and other locations frequented by others. It also would be better if it said Encyclopedia Britannia in the upper right corner, or some other “trusted” brand name. It would harder for them to discount it.

  7. Steve Cooksey says:

    Historically, it seems the only CO2 emergency we’re having is that it’s too low. Linked-
    In better no get linked into the truth. Ban him!

  8. Roc says:

    If people would just visit the CO2 Coalition website the Climate change hoax would end.
    I also believe that even if we discovered a new energy source to replace fossil fuels we would still need to burn fossil fuels to fertilize the planet

  9. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I just cancelled my Linked account. Reason given: You are just another branch of Pravda USA.

  10. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Meanwhile Alex Berenson sued Twitter for permanently suspending him and he won. Banned for telling the truth about the Covid vax. The rest of us that were suspended should have their accounts reinstated as well.
    Welcome back Alex!

  11. Martin says:

    Despite the inconvenient facts, climate alarmists continue their politically motivated tirades, behind this being the Globalist agenda for a technocratic surveillance dictatorship and for a 40% reduction in global population, i.e. genocide.

  12. NavarreAggie says:

    I’m going to repost in Linked In. Let them ban me.

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