NPR Mathematics

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  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    What the don’t tell you is 90% of the materials needed to make the batteries to meet the 2030 goals doesn’t even exist in the current areas mined. And since the US has started a proxy war with Russia, which might have a large supply of these materials…..well I wouldn’t count on it.
    Here’s a truth bomb for you

  2. Disillusioned says:

    Thank you Tony, for exposing NPR.

    In hindsight it is difficult to believe I used to listen to that monotone, globalist propaganda machine for a majority of my adult life. It began innocently enough in college when my academic advisor had it on her radio in her office and I asked her what she was listening to. Sometimes she would be listening to the classical music station and other times the NPR news station – both stations right next to each other on the far left of the FM dial. Perhaps that should have been a clue. :-D I began listening ignorantly thinking I would be getting raw, unfiltered news and I that I would become wiser for it. I had no idea that was the beginning of a quarter-century of subtle brainwashing.

    It is now 13 years since I first began to become disillusioned and stopped listening to NPR and watching News Hour on PBS. Ever since, my disillusionment has been like peeling off the layers of an onion.

    Happy Independence Day.

    • Bob Cherba (@rbcherba) says:

      I’ve voted mostly R since Barry Goldwater, but I listened to NPR into the early 1990s when it turned into the Clinton/gay network. My wife used to point out I was more than a little inconsistent. Used to watch McNeil-Lehrer; probably mostly stopped in ’95 when McNeil retired. Also looked forward to Louis Rukeyser’s ‘Wall Street Week’ until 2005 when Lou retired. Except for British comedy, musical specials, and mysteries (mostly British), that pretty much ended our relationship with NPR and public/democrat TV.

      Then I retired in 1997 and started listening to Rush Limbaugh and conservative radio. Fox TV came along at the same time and we’ve been hooked ever since. ‘Been reading Tony Heller, a.k.a. Steve Goddard since at least 2009, along with other climate change skeptics with whom I share a scientific philosophy.

  3. Daniel Smeal says:

    I used to listen to NPR radio from Durango, CO for the music and watch some NPR TV because I thought they were less biased than mainstream media. Boy was I fooled.

    Yes Greta – you should not be up there and you should be back at school. You are just making a fool of yourself. Got to laugh every time I see that skit.

  4. Terry Shipman says:

    I just had a good laugh. I have been watching Jesse Watters on Fox News as I was perusing Tony’s web site. So I decided to mute my television as I clicked on this and the previous video. As I was listening to the audio of Tony’s videos Jesse’s reporters began interviewing several climate protestors in New York City. I thought it was funny that while I had the protesters muted I was getting good information from Tony’s narration of his videos. A few minutes earlier the reporter asked several people on the street who was president during the Civil War. Most couldn’t answer the question. And these same young people expect us to listen to their “wisdom” on climate change matters.

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