Plandemic Confirmed

“I chaired the commission for The Lancet for two years on COVID. I am pretty convinced it came out of US lab biotechnology, not out of nature.” 

– Jeffrey Sachs

3:48 AM · Jun 16, 2022

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4 Responses to Plandemic Confirmed

  1. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Read the twitter line and see the morons who claim that COVID is natural.
    No virus in Nature has a double CGG gene PERIOD!!!
    AND we know the path – NIH, Fauci, Ecohealth and Wuhan biolab (CCP)!

  2. Gerald Machnee says:

    Yes, it is not natural but 95% of the public is gullible and believe all the fiction they get from the media. I have a neighbor who believes 100% of the fiction because they have “experts”.

    • I think you are confusing indifference with belief. In a culture which bombards the citizen with BS from the advertising industry, the general public is not as easily suckered as the propagandists believe them to be. Propaganda needs to be reinforced with coercion and censorship in order to be effective. All independent communication of ideas must be suppressed, with lockdowns and prohibition of public meetings. Does this sound familiar?

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