“The latest consequence of climate change”

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  1. Tony Monaco says:

    Tony, If you can do a video and explain why lake Mead and Lake Powell is drying up..

    Thanks Tony

  2. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Speaking of climate change, Scorched earth is right

  3. Robertvd says:

    How Black Lives Truly Matter | Magatte Wade and Dr Jordan B Peterson
    min 1:19:24
    The Climate Elite are the most racist people on the world.

  4. Linda says:

    There’s probably no point in me leaving this as my comments never show up. But there is no contact for Tony and I want to ask his opinion on geoengineering with regard to this Dane Wiggington interview. https://rumble.com/v1cirlx-40-million-in-us-west-without-water-in-2023-dane-wigington.html
    It’s too complicated to explain here but if he’s right and he seems to have proof, then it is going to get hotter because they’re making it happen and everything is way worse than anyone can imagine.

    • D. Boss says:


      Your posts do show up, just that Tony reviews them first or has a filter to insure nothing illegal or similar gets posted. This review takes some time, so your post does not show up immediately.

      Second, I only need to watch 5 minutes of the video you linked to, to dismiss these crackpot theories presented as fact. Chemtrails are a myth. Geo Engineering on the massive scale these chicken littles are proposing is technically not feasible as they describe it.

      Are there some really dumb ideas floating about large scale geo-engineering schemes? Yes, but none of them have been or could be implemented as described. The least likely scenario is that of commercial aircraft loading in tens to hundreds of extra tons of chemicals to spray into the atmosphere.

      How could you hide the humongous tanks needed to hold these chemicals from all the baggage handlers, mechanics, ramp workers and pilots? Nor can these so called chemicals be added to the fuel, without destroying the engines.

      Chemtrail believers are drinking the kool-aid….

      Third, people do not understand how incredibly massive the earth’s systems are, specifically the atmosphere and the energetic actions and interactions taking place with the atmosphere.

      As an example, a 20 minute thunderstorm can release as much energy as 10 Hiroshima sized atomic bombs. There are 45,000 thunderstorms daily on the entire earth. Do the math! A single hurricane can release as much as 100,000 Hiroshima sized bombs.

      Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991 ejected one cubic mile of magma rock into the atmosphere. That is 11.25 billion tonnes of pulverized rock/dust by one volcanic eruption.

      Let’s say for sake of argument that each commercial aircraft could deliver 10 tonnes of “chemtrail” particles on each flight. You would need 1.125 Billion flights to accomplish as much as the eruption of Mt Pinatubo. Since there are about 38 million flights per year globally, and let’s say 30% of them carry this nefarious, mythical payload – so 11.4 million hypothetical chemtrail flights per year.

      That means it would take 98 years of these mythical chemtrail flights to equal the particulate mass of Pinatubo…… (which by the way cooled the earth a few degrees for a year or so)

      Rest assured Linda, these “chemtrail” nutbars are completely out to lunch!

      There is an existential threat to society but it is not CO2 nor hydrocarbon fuels. It is the parasitic mind and pathogenic ideas that infect so much of modern society. These mind parasites or idea pathogens are leading society towards suicide like moths to a candle flame! (Look up Gad Saad for in depth exploration of “The Parasitic Mind”)

  5. Ivan Wainwright says:

    Getting a bit sick of the Pit Bull. Can’t anyone leave a sensible comment on this site? Tony Heller deserves better.

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