End Of Summer Greenland Report

Over the past year, the surface of the Greenland ice sheet has gained 467 billion tons of snow and ice, including 18 billion tons over the last four days. More will likely accumulate today. This is the fourth year out of the last six which Greenland’s surface has gained above normal amounts of ice.

Surface Conditions: Polar Portal

The mass gain this year was about 100 billion tons above the 1981-2010 average, with most of the excess occurring at lower elevations.

Surface Conditions: Polar Portal


The press reports the unusually large ice gain in recent years as record melt.

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  2. spren says:

    While none of the others are much better, the Washington Post has reached the point where it is nothing but a complete joke. Anyone who works for them or reads them should be very ashamed, but it has probably made them too stupid to know any better.

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