1939 – “Greenland’s Glaciers Melting, Scientist Says”


Greenland’s Glaciers Melting, Scientist Says

All the glaciers in eastern Greenland are rapidly melting, declared Prof. Hans Ahlmann, Swedish geologist, in a report to the Geographical society here on his recent expedition to the Arctic sub- continent.

“Everything points to the fact that the climate in that region has. been growing warmer during recent years,” the professor said.

“It may without exaggeration be said that the glaciers—like those in Norway—face the possibility of a catastrophic collapse.”

Cedar Rapids Gazette, Dec 11, 1939, p. 25

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4 Responses to 1939 – “Greenland’s Glaciers Melting, Scientist Says”

  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Many Scientist don’t say anything unless it lines their pockets. In 1977, my college professor warned the class about many of these so called scientist.
    Just like they said back in June about the mask and vaccination rates in Japan being responsible for the low death rate there. Yesterday just saw the highest daily Covid death total and now one of the highest Covid case rates in the world. Again, this article from Bloomberg is less than 2 months old

  2. Brian D says:

    Yeah, the glaciers were quite well melted by the mid 20th century. Coming out of the little ice age era.
    Just a side note, here in MN, when we have a mild winter we use much less fossil fuel. And when folks switch to using more electric, more fossil fuel will be needed to keep up with demand. Go figure. Solar, and wind will always fail at some point. Europe has seen this already in their rush to be green. School of hard knocks.

    Watch the Arctic basin in the coming days. Weather looks really mellow. Probably be a flatter line on the charts. Interesting note is that Baffin Bay still has ice, as well as some still in the SW part of Hudson Bay. Any decrease on the charts will be from that ice in the CA regions melting/piling.

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