1967 – Rapid Melting Of Norway’s Glaciers

“Glaciers Melting Fast, Says Norway Scientist.

OSLO—Norway’s glaciers are melting fast. In fact, says glaciologist Olav Liestol of the Norwegian Polar Institute, if the melting continues at the rate of the past 30 years, all Norway’s glaciers will have vanished a hundred years from now,

The tips of most Norwegian glaciers are receding well over 65 feet a year.”

Lebanon Daily News, Jan 19, 1967, p. 7 | NewspaperArchive®

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  1. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Cap a question please…if all ice on Earth melted, even your ice cubes in your freezer, how high would the seas get over the level they are at right now?
    During the Ice Age the Bering Land Sea [misnomer] was used as a path into the Americas for people from the area of Mongolia to MIGRATE over to the American continent.
    That was possible because of a drop in ocean levels +- 300′.
    That made it possible for Mammoth and other animals they lived off of to migrate from Eurasia to the Americas. The N America part was mostly covered in +-1 mile of ice/snow and impassible.
    The ‘mega animals’ followed the easiest path with the most food. Two Marine Archeologists dived off the Western coast and found fire pits, even after all of this time, and that proved their theory that Man came to Americas by the ‘sea/land’ route.
    Got to meet them at U of L and that was one of my studies.

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