August 11, 1891 – Deadly Heat In Chcago

“Deadly Heat at Chicago.

Chicago, Aug. 10.—Corpses found among lumber heaps, women dropping dead while washing, men falling from ice wagons and drays were the thermometers that registered yesterday’s heat. A dead man named Bertram was stumbled upon by John Slift in the afternoon, the sun having killed and left him lying in a lumber yard. Mrs. Mary Dahil, aged 38, employed in a Thirty- first street laundry, died from the effects of the heat, Many others were prostrated. About 6 o’clock a bolt of lightning tore through the black clouds and struck with a deafening crash at the corner of Hermitage avenue and Polk street. ‘Two big balls of fire, each as large as a half bushel, fell in the middle of the street and for a moment blinded the fifteen or twenty persons who were standing in the vicinity. Several men were hurled to the ground and a live girl was slightly burned.”

Lemars Semi Weekly Sentinel, Aug 11, 1891, p. 1

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