August 6, 1930 – Record Heat, Drought, Fires And Insects

06 Aug 1930, 1 – The Whittier News at

Twenty-nine states were over 100F

CA 109, IL 109, AZ 108, KY 108, MO 108, AR 106, IN 106, TN 106, MS 105, WV 105, GA 104, KS 104, ND 104, UT 104, ID 103, NE 103, SC 103, TX 103, AL 102, IA 102, MT 102, OK 102, SD 102, VA 102, LA 101, MD 101, NC 101, WA 101, PA 100

Forty-five states were over 90F

CO 99, OR 99, FL 98, NJ 98, NM 98, OH 98, NY 97, DE 96, MN 96, NV 96, MI 95, WY 95, WI 94, CT 91, MA 91, RI 91

From the book Washington Weather.

“The Record Hot Summer of 1930

The summer of 1930 made headlines due to unprecedented heat and drought that caused disastrous crop failures throughout the United States. The summer of 1930 ushered in the “Dust Bowl” era of unusually hot, dry summers that plagued the U.S. during much of the 1930’s.

Washington area farmers were certainly not spared in 1930, as intense, prolonged hot spells gripped the region during late July and early ‘August. The official temperature recorded on July 20 was 106°F, which holds the record as the highest temperature ever recorded in Washington. Unofficially, 110°F was recorded that same day on Pennsylvania Avenue and 108°F was recorded at the National Cathedral. The summer of 1930 also set the record for number of days where temperatures reached or exceeded 100°F at 11 days.”

Andy Weiss was one of the co-authors of that book. He used to contribute a lot of information to this blog under the name Andy DC. Andy passed away during May of 2019.  He was also a golf long-ball driving champion.

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2 Responses to August 6, 1930 – Record Heat, Drought, Fires And Insects

  1. Mike says:

    But 92°F is to hot! We have a now … they did not!
    So for AGW buttercups…SUCK UP CHILD!

  2. Bob Hoye says:

    Hi Tony
    As a comment below yesterday’s podcast–I noted the Taku Glacier–just inland from Juneau. Also noted on the chart to 20 the glacier was expanding. I tried the USGC there and they would not provide an update. Maybe you could sleuth it out.

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