“It’s dramatic It’s disturbing”

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  1. arn says:

    “Petermann glacier grew an unprecedent 10 km in a decade.
    More than the size of Manhattan.
    This is 100% proof of man made ice age. ”

    NPR 1979

    btw,people usually have no clue how huge greeland and some of those glaciers are.
    Otherwise they wouldn’t be impressed by the Manhattan comparison.
    On top of the photos of 2014 and 2022 huge icebergs/floes? can be seen above the glaciers,therefore fast built up and melting is just as normal as massive calving.

    • Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

      The more snow that falls, the heavier the ice sheet, which eventually succumbs to gravity. These brain dead morons have no clue how things work.

      • arn says:

        It is also no coincidence that the current crack is located at the same place where the Manhattan-Iceberg broke free years ago.
        It’s probably the weakest point of the system (probably the edge where the water meets the land under the glacier )and it will always crack in this region once the critical mass is reached – when gravity becomes stronger than the force that keeps the glacier together.

  2. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    And now Reuters is blaming the lightning strike that killed people today on……CLIMATE CHANGE!
    We certainly never had lightning strikes before my SUV.
    Lightning deaths have gone down since 2006 anyway

  3. Bob Hoye says:

    Hi Tony
    Good review.
    The Taku Glacier is the largest and deepest of alpine glaciers. Just inland from Juneau, the latest chart was from 2014 and it was advancing. Thinking I could get an update a few years ago phoned the USGS office in Juneau. Talked with one geo who was friendly, but he passed me on to his superior who was not. I even explained that I was a geologist and had worked on a “Moly” prospect on the south side of the Taku River. He would not send me the updated chart–so one assumes that this important glacier is advancing.
    Maybe, your sleuthing can get the data?????

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