Biden Building Back Better

US natural gas prices are up 370% since Biden began occupying the White House.

Natural gas – 2022 Data – 1990-2021 Historical – 2023 Forecast – Price – Quote – Chart

The Farmers Almanac is forecasting record cold this winter.

Extended Winter Forecast for 2022-2023 – Farmers’ Almanac

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6 Responses to Biden Building Back Better

  1. Steve Cooksey says:

    With rising heating costs this could be bad news for a lot of people.

  2. Gummans Gubbe says:

    “To construct a model that will explain the behavior of the ruling class is insane and it will always result in this idea that they’re just a bunch of bumbling morons that don’t know what they’re doing. It is no different than when primitive uncontacted tribes in South America see an airplane flying over the rainforest and they use that exact same strategy to come to the conclusion that what they’re seeing is a giant bird monster. The difference between your culture and life experience and that of the ruling class is just as vast a difference as the separation between your culture and that of the primitive humans. It only serves your ego and the interests of the ruling class to think otherwise. No matter how many staged photo ops or performances they put on for the cameras they are no more regular Joe’s or even members of your society than a kid with an ant farm in his bedroom is a member of ant society. What needs to be understood right now is that it’s not that they’re too stupid or too cowardly to do the right thing: It’s that they are doing the right thing. They’re just doing it for them, for their family, for their culture, for their society society that you’re not a member of.”, Devon Stack, aka. Black Pilled

  3. rah says:

    “US natural gas prices are up 370% since Biden began occupying the White House.”

    I bought a fireplace insert for $2,100.00. I had our chimney sweep over to sweep the chimney to sweep the chimney in preparation for installation and to pick his brains on installation tips.

    After talking to Chris, the chimney sweep I asked him for a quote for installation. Got that quote Tuesday. $2,053.00. That includes all materials other than the insert itself and labor and it will be ready to use when he’s done. Decided to go with it. I have plenty of other stuff to do, like finishing the lean-to on the back of garage to hold the wood and laying the wood in. Having a professional install it will put my wife’s mind at ease.

    The insert will heat our whole home. When it is running just flip on the fan on the furnace to circulate the heat to all rooms of the house.

    I have a reliable source of free hardwood. Just have to cut, split, and stack it. Plenty already cured and ready to be cut up and used. A lot more needing a year to cure after cutting and splitting.

    Moisture content is the key to efficient clean burning hard wood. 20% max with 12% being ideal. I have bought a pin type moisture meter to check what we will burn.

    I reckon it will pay for itself in a couple years.

    • GWS says:

      And think of all the healthy exercise you will get feeding and maintaining it! Dynomite plan! I’ll tell my arthritic old aunt all about it. She’ll be so excited!

  4. rah says:

    Joe Bastardi hasn’t come out with his winter forecast in the Saturday Summary but has already hinted that this coming winter will be more severe than many of us have had in the last few years. And unlike that last few years, this December will be a cold one.

  5. Joe in Wyo says:

    Oh geez….
    That graphic looks a bit frightening to me.
    In Wyoming you better have plenty of wood piled up.
    Guess I’ll get started a soon as hunting season is over…
    Wish me luck…..

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