Greens Invent Wind Powered Ship

In order to save the world from bad weather, green engineers have come up with a new idea – ships powered by wind coupled with another means of propulsion.

World’s Largest Clean Energy Cargo Ship Combines Sailing With Electric Propulsion – autoevolution

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  1. The constraints which define sailing ship design have been known for centuries. It is a trade off of area of canvas for propulsion and ship stability. We might do better nowadays be replacing the large crew needed to work a sailing ship with servo-mechanisms, and perhaps replace traditional sails with Flettner rotors. This article, like most of the rubbish presented by alarmists, is directed at the technically pig-ignorant, which seem to constitute a frighteningly high proportion of the population. I look forward to their next great innovation – replacing tractors with teams of oxen. This is just sick nostalgia for a past golden age which never existed.

    • Gamecock says:

      Exactly, Gordon. The purpose of the article is not to inform. It is to get people to believe that our existing transportation can be successfully replaced.

    • GWS says:

      True — Soon we will be living in caves again — and fighting with our neighbors who can’t find a cave.

  2. Richard says:

    like the 2500 Sq Ft solar wind 100% off the grid home in CA- it only COST $1 million to build for 4 people to live in
    When Gretta sailed the ocean blue she should stowed on board a few 100 lbs of cargo to make profit & pay for the 1st class air ticket back home

  3. arn says:

    I’m pretty sure woke science will soon also discover the wheel and may be even fire.

    Anyway – the pathetic article above shows very well why this doesn’t work.
    Woke energy only works on a small scale.
    Bicycles, Bikes,Cars for city drives or tiny slim nutshell boats,
    but not for a 500000 barrel tanker or an aircraft carrier.

    As soon as things get a little bit tough woke energy becomes as useless as woke snowflakes.

  4. Timo, not that one says:

    “…world’s largest…”.
    The 19th century Cutty Sark sure looks a lot bigger. Probably a lot faster too.

  5. Bill says:

    The annual cargo tonnage carried by the entire British merchant fleet in the 17th century is moved by just one container ship.

    Still, you’ve got to admire their spirit. If we get started now, the forest of oak trees needed for the wooden ships needed to replace modern container ships should be ready by maybe 2150?

    “In 1980 Sweden’s Department of Forestry wrote a letter to the Swedish Navy, informing the Navy that its lumber was ready. One hundred fifty years earlier, in 1829 Swedish planners predicted that a shortage of oak timber suitable for building warships would arise by the year 1990. So they instructed the foresters to be proactive, and the foresters planted a new oak forest on a government-owned island, knowing that it takes ship-quality timber at least 150 years to mature.”

    • GWS says:

      Too bad, because making it of steal would require fossil fuels to procure and process and be done and stronger and quicker — but that would not be very woke. Biden needs to convince the Russians and Chinese to start building wooden ships again. We could even have inspectors to keep them on the up and up! Is that a steal beam I see over there?

  6. oeman 50 says:

    Ah, so they can recharge the batteries by using the props as turbines to run a generator, thereby slowing the ship down. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the objective was to get the freight there in the shortest possible time. Silly me.

  7. Russell Cook says:

    Sail with the wind, you can go pretty much in a straight line. Sail against or at angles to the wind, and you must do all kinds of maneuvers in order to make usable headway.

    In 1988, Monty Python comedian Michael Palin re-enacted the “Around the World in 80 Days” adventure, and upon finding himself behind schedule crossing the Pacific, he attempted to ask and/or pay the ship captain to speed up his massive freighter, only to be told that the speed was precisely calculated to return maximum profit for the transport and there was no way the ship owners would alter it. Lovely as a wind-powered freighter sounds, how much of a price hike will be built into whatever it’s hauling to compensate for the sheer size/constant speed efficiency of a diesel freighter, along with their ability to chug along relentlessly in really heavy weather?

  8. Dave Ward says:

    “Dual propellers acting as underwater turbines”

    Which will increase the drag acting on the ship, therefore reducing its speed whilst under sail…

  9. GWS says:

    Dual propellers underwater turning turbines to charge the batteries (and slow it down in dark and stormy seas?) — Wow! Brilliant! And it’s a monstrous 150 feet long! Go for it!

  10. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Somewhere I read that all the major trees in Europe were cut down and used for ships during the age of exploration. How is that going to work this time around. Too many people with no understanding of history, proportion, rational thought.

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