Biden IQ Test

If you don’t believe Biden has lowered gas prices, apparently you have a low IQ.

Updated Aug 5

Gas Station Price Charts – Local & National Historical Average Trends –

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10 Responses to Biden IQ Test

  1. roaddog says:

    The only apparent influence of vaccination is increasing one’s chances of contracting Covid, or perhaps dying of some heart-related infliction.

    Every highly visible and highly vaccinate member of the Biden administration has contracted Covid once, if not twice, or three times.

  2. I wonder whether these comments are related to the easier access to fentanyl, since Biden took office.

  3. arn says:

    ” I’m a straight white male,so Trump wasn’t actively trying to destroy my life ”

    Only a journalist can reach the level psychopathy to write such a crap and not feel ashamed.

    It was under Obama when the number of black homeowners dropped by 10%
    so the active destruction was done by someone else,
    and Bidens deliberate destruction with Lockdowns by ignoring science and common for as long as possible will be much worse.

  4. Gamecock says:

    ‘it’s been wonderful not having a narcissist spouting lies out of the Oval Office on a daily basis’

    Petitio principii.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Maybe a little late, but the Danes figured it out, and now prohibit vaccines on under 18-year-olds. I can’t imagine the Democrats and NPR ever admitting that they are wrong on this.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      The clearest summary of how vaccines and lockdowns worked in maybe the most isolated country on Earth. I’ve had 3 doses, the last about 10 months ago. I think it was my last.

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Randy, is happy to take his equity out of his house and spend it. Now he wants to explain gas prices to me. In return, I’ll explain net worth to him.

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