Collapse Of The Arctic Melting Scam

The Arctic melt season is winding down quickly with very little melting going on due to cold temperatures over the Arctic Ocean and Greenland.

osisaf_nh_sie_daily-2years.png (1274×943)

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

10-Day Temperature Outlook

Extent is higher than it was fifteen years ago when Al Gore won the Nobel Prize and predicted an ice-free Arctic by 2014.

There is a lot more ice in the Western Arctic than there was in 1990

1990   2022

The surface mass balance of Greenland has been above average for four of the last six years.

Surface Conditions: Polar Portal

Greenland’s Petermann Glacier has grown 10km over the past decade.

2012     2022

Meanwhile the press continues pushing exactly the same lies they have propagating for decades.

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