Expert Projections

We have bad governance based on fake models, fake experts and corrupt politicians.

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4 Responses to Expert Projections

  1. Ulric Lyons says:

    It’s fake representation of the models. The recent years of mass gains in Greenland have been during positive North Atlantic Oscillation conditions, and the losses in 2019 during negative NAO conditions:

    And the climate models predict increasingly positive NAM (NAO/AO) conditions with rising CO2 forcing:

  2. Yammobethere says:

    I doubt severely that Hurricane Hazel will ever be forgotten here in Southern Ontario. It was deadly and destructive, and there hasn’t been another like it, since (68 years and counting). I mean Hazel GAINED strength while moving over Lake Ontario. The communities of Mimico and Etobicoke bore the worst of the damage, and the memorials are still there to this day.

    Slightly unrelated topic: Toronto’s city-neighbour to the west, Mississauga, had a mayor in office for 40+ years. Her name? “Hurricane” Hazel McCallion. She’s almost 100 now, but still kickin’ it (though not at City Hall).

  3. Robertvd says:

    You have Big Brother governance.

  4. Bob G says:

    I live in Minnesota and I googled how many 90° days has Minneapolis had so far this summer and a story popped up from public radio in July that said Minneapolis is having a summer like Kansas City which is 400 miles to the South. Admittedly we did have a warm june. How has that story aged? In an average summer Minneapolis experiences 13 90 degree Days. So far this year we’ve had 14 and none in the forecast. Kansas City summer my foot. The record is 44 that was 1988. I live about 35 miles north of Minneapolis and we’ve only had seven 90° days here away from the urban heat island. Still looking for that climate emergency

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