Stopping The Spread

Masks worked so well that now almost everybody has been exposed.

CDC relaxes COVID-19 guidelines on quarantines, social distancing

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2 Responses to Stopping The Spread

  1. Steve Cooksey says:

    Despite the vaccine and the masks, we’re reaching natural herd immunity. It just took way too long, and we may never recover from the devastation forced on us by our “follow the science” government. People were screaming the true science and they got shut off.

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Dr. Campbell, who is one of the most informative on the COVID, said that it appears BA5 is dominant, and nothing seems to be replacing it. With luck, herd immunity for BA 5 will happen this fall and with nothing replacing it, we should have smooth sailing through the winter- except who knows what Fauci and the Wuhan Lab are brewing up for us in smallpox or other dangerous pathogens.

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