“The power grid will collapse. The blackout is sure to come.”

“We’re all running around like we’re being controlled.” And everything needs electricity, but the grid isn’t designed for it. “We will not be able to do it. The power grid will collapse. The blackout is sure to come.”

“The sun can’t shine that much”: heating engineer paints a bleak picture

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5 Responses to “The power grid will collapse. The blackout is sure to come.”

  1. GWS says:

    Every country, for their own good, and as best they can, should try to be energy and food independent. One would think.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Absolutely, and you can include medicine and munitions, At one point they talked about the technical trap. Example: You ride to work on the BART (under San Francisco Bay) daily, but never carry a water bottle nor a flashlight, because you believe it will never fail, or if it does, you will be quickly rescued. And then there is an earthquake.
      Or we have only a few days of food in our house. And then the food distribution system fails.
      Today nations are falling into the World Economic Forum trap, which is even worse, because it has absolutely no record of success, therefore there is no basis to believe in it, but major world leaders bobble along thoughtlessly. Clowns.

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    The German spirit seems wrecked. They seem to go along with these crazy schemes like beaten dogs. Maybe they need to suffer immensely this winter to get their blood boiling, and to get some sanity into their governance. You can actually be sane and be concerned about your nation’s wellbeing first, even though the globalist propaganda machine continues to tell you that you can’t.

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