Tropics Destroyed Two Years Ago

“The first study to integrate all prior scientific research in order to project approximately when climate change will produce permanent catastrophic consequences has been accepted and will soon be published in the scientific journal Nature, and it finds that things will start going haywire in the tropics at around the year 2020, and in our part of the world at around 2047.”

Climate Catastrophe Will Hit Tropics Around 2020, Rest Of World Around 2047, Study Says | HuffPost Impact

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7 Responses to Tropics Destroyed Two Years Ago

  1. spren says:

    What a hilarious joke – “rigorous scientific peer review.”

    Peer review in climate scientology does not include reviewers replicating the claims of a study. It is really only a “Pal Review” where incestuous insiders pat each other on the back and say a study is worthy of publication. No validation of the work is ever done. This is how Nature published the flawed and probably fraudulent work of Michael Mann who claimed that the warming experienced was Mann-made. Indeed it was!

  2. Jack the Insider says:

    Just released Government study.
    The Great Barrier Reef is the healthiest it has been in 36 years.

  3. Prediction failed, like all the others. Don’t call us we’ll call you. Whatever Science, Nature and PNAS might once have been, they are demonstrated by the actual facts to be toilet paper now (unless, of course, we see a retraction of all the alarmist crap they have propagated over the years).

  4. dm says:

    So let’s repurpose sustainable energy subsidies for eating, drinking & being merry because yesterday (well, actually 2 years ago) we died.

  5. GWS says:

    Disgust doesn’t approach my loathing for these lying lefties.

  6. roaddog says:

    I do so miss the Maldives.

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