Ad Hoc Climate Blame

Academics understand they can get their fifteen minutes of fame and lots of funding by making up fake stories blaming everything on “climate change.”

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4 Responses to Ad Hoc Climate Blame

  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    And since they’ve replaced real science with woke propaganda, the younger generations have no clue and except what ever climate narrative they are pushing.

    • Gamecock says:

      “Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato.”

      The Left believes the state is supreme. We are all subjects. We exist to serve the state.

      ∴ EVERYTHING is political. Everything must be perceived from the view of the state.

      YOU MUST GET THE VACCINE, BECAUSE THE STATE SAID SO. It doesn’t stop the disease, it’s side effects cause more harm than it helps people, but that is irrelevant. The state says get the jab, and you are to respond, “How high?”

      Science now exists to get people to accept and do what the state says.

      So the legacy press gives us a parade of stories about why we must listen to the state, and do as they say.

      ‘Science,’ like “democracy,” are focus group tested words that people respond to. You must realize that the Left couldn’t care less about “science” or “democracy,” they use the words because YOU care.

      Resistance is futile.

  2. philip randolph says:

    I rode the Great Divide Mountain Bike trail with a group several years ago. One of the riders had a degree in some kind of forestry. He worked in that field in New Mexico. We observed large areas of Lodgepole pines that had died. According to him, it is known that pine bark beetles have done this in cycles for thousands of years. The beetles thrive and kill the trees and mostly fade away because the trees that they live on are dead. But, the forest recovers and the beetles come back. It looks sad to see dead trees, but it was happening before modern civilization.

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