Biden Vs. Biden

One day after saying Trump supporters are a threat to America, Joe Biden said no Trump supporters are a threat to America.

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8 Responses to Biden Vs. Biden

  1. Gerald Machnee says:

    Biden read a speech first suggesting MAGA and Trump are a threat.
    Then two days later he downplays Trump since he does not remember what he read.

  2. arn says:

    Joe Biden(= the guy who creates the context of his TelePrompTer) who is not a threat but an actual destroyer of the USA
    calls Trump voters trying to save their country a threat?

    That’s funny as,
    a few days after Biden called Trump supporters semi-fascist,
    he went once again full fascist.
    This time not with lockdowns or vaccine mandates or green climate terror or regime change or mandatory Ukraine support(one puppet helps the other)
    but by trying to enforce a price cap on Russian oil.
    The USA and its 6 G7 lackeys are trying to force other countries to sell their ressources below market (and probably production price).
    Seems the permanent wars,sanction,regime changes and killings of millions
    went so to their heads that they are now trying to establish a new level of power abuse.

  3. Donald Jassowski says:

    I am not receiving my real climate science. it is not in my spam or trash–just not there.
    When I try to resubscribe, I get the message: you are already subscribed. What should I do?

    • ,Vegieman says:

      Don’t take it personal. Use your history feature to access the site and then move around from there. Housekeeping is a little lacking here. Focus on the content and you’ll be fine.

  4. rah says:

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. Old Joe got on Marine One and flew off for the weekend. He has been off the job for 23 of the last 32 days. This is the man that has the ability to launch nuclear Armageddon!

    He wants to send another $13.7 billion to Ukraine which he calls a “democracy”.

    • arn says:

      What you call off the job
      is by far the worst part and biggest challenge of Bidens presidency
      as those are the detox,recovery and withdrawal periods where his body is being cleansed from the heavy drugs that allow him to read the TelePrompTer.
      Being overdosed many times a month is not a thing the body of an 80year old can take without long recovery times.

  5. Disillusioned says:

    This may be the very best two-and-a-half minutes I ever spent watching a YouTube vid.

  6. roaddog says:

    And today he went back on the attack again, reversing his reversal of Friday.

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