Dire Straits In The Maldives

In 1988 the United Nations said the Maldives would drown within thirty years, and now ABC News says the Maldives will drown in thirty years. This video takes a closer look at the Maldives Dire Straits.

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  1. RexAlan says:

    “Now we want to take you to the South Pacific”.

    The last time I looked the Maldives we in the Indian Ocean.

  2. Peter Carroll says:

    Climate change predictions of doom and gloom are like the end of the rainbow, always out of reach. They are always 30, 50, or in one case, 300 years in the future.
    When the original date is reached, the prediction is simply regurgitated with a new date, and the hysteria continues.
    Most of the people making these idiotic predictions, will be dead by the time they are supposed to happen.
    This is a certainty for Justin Penn and Curtis Deutsch. Their ‘ecophysiological’ modeling, predicts mass marine life extinction by the year, 2300, IF global warming continues.

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