Lies, Damned Lies And Climate Statistics

A big part of the effort by government and the press to misinform the public about energy and climate, is the use of fake and/or meaningless weather statistics.

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7 Responses to Lies, Damned Lies And Climate Statistics

  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    And now the White House appears to be going full throttle on “climate equity”😵‍💫

    • Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

      Apparently the engineers and management for Chevy trucks are listening to what the American people want. After 10 years of sub standard production (much of it trying to go woke and get too many mph out of a gallon of gas), I had no idea Chevy trucks are back.
      I’ll take the Standard 6.2 with 425 horse power and torque to pull a mountain.
      Hey Kamala, THIS is what America wants. Enough of the phony climate change garbage
      Here you go…

  2. Mike Reichel says:

    Something odd and potentially worrying about your email feed Tony. All feeds since July 25 have stopped. Not in any junkmail folder, including the one my ISP does. Reaching this site is still ok, As was taken down this is what they will do. I tried to reapply to email subscription and it only confirms I am still on the list. A bit of good news, Sweden just closed elections and the second largest party is Sweden Democrats. Their list of candidates now includes wellknown (in Sweden) climate realist Elsa Widding. Finally a political party opens up for the first time a climate expert that knows her business.

  3. Bill says:

    Tony – I love your details, but here’s a quick study from our friends in Australia:

    An international study has found that there is “no evidence” of a climate emergency, says Sky News host Chris Smith.

    “The study analysed data from heat, drought, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and ecosystem productivity, and could not plot a trend either way,” he said.

    Your voice is easy to listen to, but I do like the Aussie accent; Chris Smith describes himself as a “cloymut skiptic”. Me too.

  4. Scott Allen says:

    The Government is using ‘Zohnerism’s’ to advance the bogus cause of ‘climate change’

    The sad part is, the uneducated/indoctrinated will believe what is being fed to them.

  5. LaKa says:

    It would be extremely helpful if you would do a series on how to do climate research.

    I’ve tried many times to follow the sources presented in your videos and articles. Without fail I am unable to find them. I guess your links are to sources with paywalls because they never lead to the hoped-for destinations.

    Trying to navigate the government sites themselves is likewise daunting. The sites are complex and jargon filled. Perhaps their goal is to thwart non-scientists with just passing interest. I doubt such evil intent but nevertheless I am successfully thwarted.

    You, on the other hand, with the required vocabulary and procedural knowledge, routinely find and make public things that astonish those of us fed an otherwise unvaried diet of pablum topped with “hottest in history” hot sauce.

    As you well know, the standard tactic of the left is to sneer at dissent and belittle any dissenter as being subhuman in their intellectual capacity and moral character. It seems to me that spreading the tools to find the things you find, and cite them properly, would be a huge boost to spreading caution about climate proclamations.

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