“Can we hack DNA in plants to help fight climate change?”

Can we hack DNA in plants to help fight climate change?

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  1. rah says:

    I would think they should consider changing the chemistry of the oceans since they are by far the largest carbon sink. (Just being sarcastic)

  2. Disillusioned says:

    SMH. The insane have taken over the asylum.

  3. GWS says:

    The author speaks as if CO2 is a poison of some kind that needs to be eradicated, as if it’s a flaw in Nature. If we could just get rid of CO2 air would be healthier. Plants serve to filter CO2 out of the air and clean out that dirty, nasty old CO2.

  4. Russell Cook says:

    Can we hack DNA in CAGW article writers (e.g. Planet Possible’s Madeleine Stone) to help them to stop beating from their spouses?

  5. These people are captivated by superstition masquerading as science . Forest ecologists have discovered decaying wood and insect symbiosis emits more carbon annually than all human carbon dioxide emissions combined ….It is immaterial if carbon dioxide is captured by genetically modified plants [ I’m sure this Frankenflora idea will go down well with Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth ] ….It eventually is released into the atmosphere via inevitable decomposition ….Remember the world is greening and forest cover has increased by 7- 8% – mostly in the semi -arid , boreal and temperate regions – since 1983 despite tropical forest. deracination .. The oceans are the huge homeostatic carbon dioxide sinks

    • Homeostasis is a concept which is alien to the alarmists. All feed backs are positive and de-stabilizing, don’t you know. That’s how the atmosphere has survived billions of years without any ‘runaway’ effects of any description.

  6. arn says:

    As I already said several times:The Global Warming scam was created to justify everything they want to do.
    Be it altering and destroying economy,energy,culture or even DNA.

    And it is no coincidence that Miss Stone is using the very same rhetoric as Klaus Schwabs “advisor” Harari (considering Schwabs age he is now barely more than a Bidenesque figurehead just as George Soros where the job is done by his son)
    who said 2 years ago that the human is now a hackable ANIMALs.

  7. toorightmate says:

    DNA in plants.
    I can’t wrap my mind around that one.
    I’ll leave it to an eminent scientist with extreme expertise in that field.
    Bill Gates.

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