Escaping The Climate Emergency

Experts say we are having the worst drought in 1200 years.

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3 Responses to Escaping The Climate Emergency

  1. Rockwood says:

    Interesting geology, colours of forest fall climate shift coming slowly here. Stairway… one of those great tunes we learned to play in the day. Thank you.

  2. John Gorter says:

    Nice juxtaposition – Zeppelin and the golden colours, thanks!

  3. Gary Brown says:

    Oct 3, 2022 Amazing and Intense Late Season Haboob Dust Storm, Stanfield, Arizona

    Large haboob (dust storm) travels over the desert just 30 miles south of Phoenix, Arizona. This dust storm caused massive delays for evening commuters heading for the south metro as well as for travelers on thee frequently traveled interstate 10 between Tucson and Phoenix.

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