New Climate Tool (Part 4)

A demo showing some uses of my online climate tool to check the accuracy of climate claims made by academics and the press.

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2 Responses to New Climate Tool (Part 4)

  1. John Francis says:

    Excellent Tony. Lancet?
    They published a report on dangers of ivermectin concerning coronary matters.
    The study followed, had patients taking 4 X adult dose and then reporting some myocardial problems.
    You think?
    Good Dr McCullough pointed this out and Lancet retracted the article ( very quietly)
    Tens of thousands died. Many without having family near.
    Remember draconian measures by tyrants such as NY gov. Cuomo.
    Oh so what

  2. conrad ziefle says:

    Tony, Could you make a sidebar with links to all of your Climate Tool posts? It would be easier to reference back to previous ones if they could all be found in one place. Thanks for your work on this tool.

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