New York Supreme Court Overturns Vaccine Mandates

“the Health Commissioner cannot create a new condition of employment for City employees. The Health Commissioner cannot prohibit an employee from reporting to work. The Health Commissioner cannot terminate employees. The Mayor cannot exempt certain employees from these orders. Executive Order No. 62 renders all of these vaccine mandates arbitrary and capricious.”


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6 Responses to New York Supreme Court Overturns Vaccine Mandates

  1. spren says:

    Just reversing these totalitarian orders/decrees isn’t enough. The people who issued them should face very severe criminal penalties. They have ruined lives because of their fascist and completely arbitrary rulings. It is time for them to now pay very stringent penalties for doing these injustices to innocent and hardworking people.

    • Luigi says:

      Fully agreed.
      All over the world there has been a sort of coordinated action by government representatives in conjonction with the people of the pharma industry and this has been the worst crime in humanity after WWII.
      Responsible must go to jail and rot there because they have acted only in order to guarantee profits to those companies who payed them and ignored all indications and opinion (even medical opinions) who raised any doubt about the vaccine.

      There are absurd conspiracy theories, but I cannot ignore how well coordinated and merciless all that has been. All countries’spokesmen told the same story, the same lies and the same propaganda. So it’s very difficult not to believe that this has been a well organised plan and when one doesn’t know what’s about, then it’s for sure money, huge mountains of money.

      • arn says:

        Well,Lukashenko in Belarus didn’t.
        And after he rejected the IMF loan which in return demanded a lockdown,
        protests started in Belarus.

        Needles to say that Belarus has one of the lowest Covid bodycounts in the world,
        only rivaled by 3rd world countries who failed to distribute the vaccine as result of traditionally chaotic management and logistics.

        And I’m pretty sure all these countries have no increase in heart related issues.

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Meanwhile Pfizer about to raise the price of the booster, and apparently the Biden administration is offering itself as a free advertising agent.

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