The Biden Hockey Stick

Gas prices in California are up $1.14 over the past month.

California gas prices declined for eight years prior to the pretend election of 2020, but since have more than doubled.

Gas Station Price Charts – Local & National Historical Average Trends –

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4 Responses to The Biden Hockey Stick

  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Gas prices are rising everywhere again as reserves are running low and the destruction of the economy mixed with insane energy policy are taking control. The way to totally reverse the trend is to flip Congress back to red with a vengeance and restore sane energy and economic functions

  2. MGJ says:

    People seem to struggle to understand when politicians are lying but it generally follows a simple rule:

    If they promise something good (not having a war, not jacking up taxes etc.) then they are lying; when they promise something evil (e.g. having a war, making food/heat/fuel unaffordable) then they are telling the truth.

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